Mar 7 2012

Join the New Budget Advisory Committee and More!

New Committee to Examine City’s Long-Term Financial Plans –

On Monday March 5 the City Council voted to create a new, five-member Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee to be made up of qualified Piedmont residents appointed by the Council for three-year terms. In 2015 the Council will evaluate the success and value of the committee and determine if it should continue and become a permanent Council advisory committee.

The establishment of the Committee was based on a recommendation from the Municipal Tax Review Committee (MTRC).  A number of citizens wrote letters to the council urging the Council to follow the MTRC recommendation to make the committee permanent, rather than limited to 3 years, on the proposed committee composition , and on the Council’s controversial plan to select the Committee’s Chair.  After discussion, the Council decided they “may” appoint the Chair, but will wait until after the interviews are completed before making a decision.  With a couple of exceptions, commissions and committees select their own Chair.

Committee members will be selected for their acumen in financial planning as well as other relevant backgrounds and training, such as labor negotiations, administration, and construction administration. The committee will meet every year, between May and June, to review five-year projections in the City’s proposed budget and to comment on whether the projections provide for the long-term, sustainable, financial future of the City. The committee also will meet in December – January to review and comment on the City’s mid-year budget review process.

In addition, the committee will provide financial review of new program commitments and funding sources in excess of $250,000 per year.  And they will also review proposed additions to and expenditures from the following funds: 

  • Capital Improvement Program Fund
  • Equipment Replacement Fund
  • Physical Facility Maintenance Fund.

The Council also voted to continue the Public Safety Committee for 2 additional years.  The Committee is charged with matters related to emergency preparedness, public awareness of security issues, and involving Piedmonters in public safety. The Committee was established several years ago based on a proposal by Vice Mayor Margaret Fujioka.

Committee Application Process

Applications for all Committee positions must be submitted to the City Clerk at City Hall, 120 Vista Avenue prior to the deadline of Friday, March 23, 2012.  For an application form go to the City website at

The City Council will interview all applicants on Thursday, March 29, 2012.   Applicants must be available for the interview.  Appointments will be made by the Council at their meeting on March 29.

Available Positions:

  • Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee           5 positions   0 incumbents

Reviews and provides comment on five year projections contained in the city’s annual budget proposal, the proposed funding and expenditures from several long term funds, and the proposed mid-year budget adjustments; provides a financial review of new programs in excess of $250,000 per year. Committee expires on 06/30/2015.

  • CIP Review Committee         1 vacancy        1 incumbent eligible to reapply

Makes recommendations to the city council regarding the expenditure of the capital budget (construction, repair or rehabilitation of city facilities).

  • Civil Service Commission   3 vacancies      2 incumbents eligible to reapply

Deals with personnel issues including classification and serves as the hearing board in disputes between the city and employees. Meets as required.

  • Park Commission                    3 vacancies     2 incumbents eligible to reapply

Makes recommendations to the city council about improvements to the public parks and manages the street
tree improvement program of the city. Meets monthly on the first Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.

  • Planning Commission            1 vacancy        0 incumbents eligible to reapply

Makes decisions regarding proposed modifications or construction to homes. Advises the council on issues
related to planning and building. Meets monthly on the second Monday at 5:00 p.m. Requires approximately 4 hours per month in addition to meeting time.

  • Public Safety Committee     7 positions       0 incumbents

Investigates ways to increase public participation in crime reduction; Increases public participation in disaster
preparedness; Provides a forum for residents to share comments, issues or concerns regarding public safety
issues. Committee expires on 04/01/2014.

  • Recreation Commission      1 vacancy          1 incumbent eligible to reapply

Advises the city council on issues regarding the city’s recreation programs, sports field development, allocations of field space and other issues. Meets monthly on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m.

For further information, call the Piedmont City Clerk’s office at 510.420.3040.

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  1. Tim Rood has applied to be appointed as a member of the Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee. I support his application and hope that the Council will appoint him.

    Bernard Pech

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