Jun 12 2014

Please Conserve Even More Water

East Bay MUD Urges Continued Voluntary Restrictions –

After annual reductions in water consumption, customers are asked by the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) to find more areas for reduced use following a very dry winter. EBMUD Ward 3 Director Katy Foulkes convened a meeting on July 11 in Orinda to present reports on water operations, conservation, engineering and water supply to community leaders from throughout her District, that includes Piedmont, El Sobrante, Moraga, Orinda, parts of Lafayette, Oakland Berkeley Hills, Oakland, Pinole, Richmond and Berkeley. FoulkesĀ  represents the largest ward in EBMUD, which includes all of their water sheds. Piedmont is home to Foulkes, where she served on the City Council and as Mayor prior to her election to the EBMUD Board of Directors 20 years ago.

Despite 11% reductions last year, the requested voluntary reduction this year is 10% more thanĀ last year’s usage.

Recognizing that so much conservation has already been achieved, EBMUD has several programs to help customers find additional conservation opportunities. Any homeowner may request a free in-home water audit, which will include testing of shower heads and toilet flow rates, an assessment of landscaping, irrigation systems, watering schedules, and a search for leaks, a major source of water loss. EBMUD offers free shower heads and faucet aerators for fixtures that are not low-flow models. The first step is the homeowner’s WaterSmart survey.

Rebates of up to $2,500 per household are offered for water conservation upgrades inside the home or the creation of a drought tolerant landscape.

Request a free WaterSmart Survey Kit here.

After completing the survey, request an in-home water audit here.

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