Apr 5 2011

The Chronicle Editorial of March 30, 2011 ignores a number of inconvenient truths when discussing Piedmont payments for Oakland Library services:

1.         Piedmont payments do not benefit the Oakland libraries because Oakland funnels the money into its General Fund.

No Piedmont payments to the City of Oakland go into the Oakland Library budget according to the Oakland Associate Library Director Gerry Garzon.  The Library budget will not increase if a payment is made; the Library budget will not decrease if a payment is not made.  Piedmont dollars are unable to impact on the Oakland library budget.  (Oakland Library Budget Details) > Click to read more…

Apr 5 2011

A letter submitted by a Piedmont resident asks for a detailed analysis of costs, as well as parking/traffic:

I’m very disappointed that City Council’s resolution on March 21st did not specifically ask that a detailed cost analysis be provided immediately for the Blair Park project along with a condition that all funds must be ‘banked’ before  any demolition/construction begins in Blair Park.  I am also concerned that the direction given for further traffic study > Click to read more…

Apr 5 2011

The Piedmont Civic Association (PCA) website has rapidly grown its readership, reflecting the interest residents have in comprehensive facts and opinions on civic topics.

PCA’s purpose is to maintain and enhance Piedmont as a desirable community through the informed participation of its citizens.  In past years, PCA communicated regularly through a printed newsletter mailed citywide or to subscribers.  In the internet age, PCA‘s website has replaced the printed newsletter.

PCA is a nonprofit, volunteer organization which does not accept commercial advertisements.  Thoughtful points of view and commentary are welcomed and encouraged in an effort to provide a shared knowledge-base on the many issues facing our town.

If you know of residents who have not already added their name to our email update list, suggest their participation at www.piedmontcivic.org .  Becoming a subscriber is free and provides readers with email notification of new articles on the PCA website.   Subscriber Email addresses are held in strict confidence and will not be distributed or published.

Apr 5 2011

The City of Piedmont has responded on  to a request under the Freedom of Information Act by providing a copy of its contract with pool consultant Jeff Eorio. > Click to read more…