Sep 11 2018

On Monday, September 10th, the City of Piedmont began scheduled street sweeping for 2018-2019.

Using the successful schedule created in 2016, sweeping will now be conducted on the day after green waste, recycling, and trash are picked up for your home.

It will be a three week cycle alternating between the odd and even numbered sides of the street, followed by a week of no sweeping.

As emphasized by the City Council, one of the key elements of having an effective street sweeping program is for the residents to be aware of the schedule in advance so that they can relocate their cars and/or move the green waste, recycling, and trash cans to create free and clear access up to the curb.

Since Piedmont relies on residents to move their vehicles, knowledge of the sweeping dates is essential. To help promote resident cooperation and knowledge, the Council approved linking the street sweeping schedule to the regular green waste, recycling, and trash pickup days.

This should be a simple and systematic method to ensure that residents know when to move their vehicles.

The street sweeping schedule consists of three parts, all in a single document: 1. Calendar showing which zones will be picked up on each day (Pages 1-2) 2. List of Pickup dates organized by street. (Pages 3-10) 3. Street Sweeping Map, showing the zones and the days of the week for green waste, recycling, and trash pickup as well as street sweeping. (Page 11)

The schedule is attached to this post and available on the City’s web site at:

For questions regarding the updated street sweeping schedule, please contact Director of Public Works Chester Nakahara at (510) 420-3050 or via email at

Aug 31 2018

Labor Day Weekend BART to and from Piedmont to San Francisco destinations will take longer –

BART will be making major repairs on their track and other infrastructure between the 19th Street and West Oakland stations over the Labor Day Weekend, September 1-3.  There will be no BART service between those stations.

There will be a free bus bridge provided by AC Transit between 19th Street and West Oakland, with the trip taking between 10 and 15 minutes.  The trip from Rockridge or MacArthur Station to the San Francisco airport or any other San Francisco destination should be expected to take up to 30 minutes longer than normal because of the time needed to transfer between BART stations and buses.

Riders who wish to travel across the Bay should stay on their BART train until 19th Street, take the free bus to West Oakland, and board another BART train to their West Bay destination. In the eastbound direction, passengers should get off BART at West Oakland, take the bus shuttle to 19th St., and then board another BART train.

Normal BART service will resume Tuesday morning.

Read article about the closure here.  Note that the 511 Trip Planner site is not cognizant of the closure or Bus Bridge and presents schedules that assume no interruption between 19th Street Station and West Oakland Station on BART.

Aug 30 2018

Get involved!   Piedmont begins process.


A Local Hazard Mitigation Plan is being developed by the City of Piedmont. Fires, drought, earthquakes, and severe weather are just a few of the hazards to be addressed in the plan. While hazards such as these cannot be prevented, a Hazard Mitigation Plan forms the foundation for a community’s long-term strategy to reduce disaster losses by breaking the repeated cycle of disaster damage and reconstruction. Additionally, only communities with a FEMA-approved Hazard Mitigation Plan are eligible to apply for both pre- and post-disaster mitigation grant funding.

Nationwide, taxpayers pay billions of dollars annually helping communities, organizations, businesses, and individuals recover from disaster. Some disasters are predictable and, in many cases, much of the damage can be reduced or even eliminated through hazard mitigation planning.

The people most aware of potential hazards are the people that live and work in the affected community. In addition to plan participation by local, state and federal agencies, the community is seeking all interested community members to hear more about our Local Hazard Mitigation Planning project.

Piedmont encourages attendance and participation from the general public at our upcoming public meeting to kick off the project:

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Public Meeting: 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Piedmont Community Hall
711 Highland Avenue
Piedmont, CA 94611

For additional information, contact Chris Yeager in the Piedmont Planning Department at:

(510) 420-3067 or email at

Aug 8 2018

Transbay Bus Service Lines C and P to Move into Salesforce Transit Center –

Beginning Sunday, August 12 Transbay lines C and P from Piedmont to San Francisco will no longer terminate at the Transbay Temporary Terminal.  Instead, they are moving to the new Salesforce Transit Center, located between Mission St., Howard St., Beale St., and 2nd Street, one block from the Temporary Terminal.

Aug 8 2018

The Alameda County Clean Water Program Discourages Washing Your Car at Home –

When you wash your car on the street or in your driveway, all that dirty, grimy, soapy water runs down the storm drain and directly into creeks and the Bay. The water that goes through storm drains does NOT go to a water treatment plant first.

Even biodegradable soap is harmful. Egrets, herons, red-legged frogs, turtles, seagulls, trout, stilts….all birds, fish and amphibians are at risk.

Instead, the County recommends using a commercial car wash or coin operated self-service car washing facility, because these companies recycle all wash water and properly dispose of it through the sanitary sewer system for treatment.

For more information about the Clean Water Program visit

Aug 8 2018

CESC Program is limited to two Heat Pump Water Heater Installations per City –

Mira Hahm,  of the Piedmont Planning Department, writes:

We would like to say thank you to all of you who expressed interest in the Heat Pump Water Heater pilot program! We have passed along the contact information of those who expressed interest thus far to the Community Energy Services Corporation (CESC), one of the project implementers along with East Bay Energy Watch (EBEW).
Given the high number of responses, we are reaching out to let you all know that for the time being, CESC won’t be accepting any further requests from residents to participate in this pilot program, as there is a limit of 2 installs per city (with income-qualifying residents receiving priority). CESC will begin reviewing the list of those interested and reaching out in order to set up a site assessment to determine eligibility.
However, if eligible homes aren’t determined with this round of interested residents, then they may open recruitment once more before the September 14th project deadline. We will keep you posted.
Please direct any questions about the pilot program and/or Heat Pump Water Heater technology to CESC.
Mira Hahn, MCRP
Assistant Planner
City of Piedmont
120 Vista Avenue
Piedmont, CA 94611
Phone: (510) 420-3054


Jul 31 2018

The Piedmont Park Commission will meet on Wednesday, August 1 at 5:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, located in City Hall, 120 Vista Avenue.  The meeting will be broadcast live on cable Channel 27 and on the City’s website under videos.

Agenda for the Park Commission meeting:

  • Approval of June 6, 2018 Minutes (read the Minutes here)
  • Update on Irrigation of Police Triangle
  • Update on City Irrigation
  • Public Hearing on Request to Remove and Replace Oakmont Avenue Street Trees
  • Update on Dracena Park Lawn, off & on leash signage and path medallions
  • Update on Memorial Tree and Bench Donations
  • Monthly Maintenance report
Jul 20 2018

Citizens Interested in Becoming a Piedmont Planning Commissioner Should Apply by Wednesday, August 15

Aradhana Jajodia resigned from the Planning Commission in June leaving a vacant position on the Planning Commission. 

The City is calling for volunteers to serve on the Piedmont Planning Commission:


Planning Commission 1 vacant position

All interested citizens must complete and return the application form on or before the posted deadline of Wednesday, August 15, 2018. Postmarks will not be accepted.

All applicants must be available for an interview with the City Council on Monday, August 20, 2018, starting at approximately 5:30 p.m. The City Council will make the appointment on that date.


Interested residents may > apply online or download the > Application for Appointive Vacancy.  Applications are due to City Hall on or before the deadline of Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. Postmarks will not be accepted.

Applications are also available on the city’s website at or from the office of the City Clerk, Piedmont City Hall, 120 Vista Avenue, Piedmont, or by telephone at (510) 420-3040.

Duties of the Planning Commission  are: 

Review building plans and make decisions regarding proposed modifications or construction to buildings, including homes, fences, etc. Hold public hearings. Advise the City Council on issues related to planning and building such as design review standards and ordinances.  Meet monthly on the second Monday at 5:00 p.m. Requires approximately 4+ hours per month in addition to meeting time. Commissioners visit application sites preceding each meeting. 

For more information or to download an application form, please visit…

City contact:  City Clerk, John Tulloch, 420-3040

Jul 19 2018

Now is the time for Piedmonters to step up and seek election to the City Council and Board of Education.  Candidates are needed to fill available seats and guarantee an active and informative election.

Council members recently stated they wanted more and different Piedmonters to seek election to the City Council instead of formerly elected Council members who might be better known.  The Council wanted more citizens to have an opportunity to be elected to the City Council. During recent City Council discussions of the City Charter, the City Council specifically added a proposed provision limiting City Council members ability to seek a return to the Council until 8 years had intervened rather than four years, noting that more Piedmonters should have a chance to be elected.   

The time is now to be a candidate for City Council and Board of Education.  

The Board of Education, according to Piedmont staff, declined a proposed change to the City Charter to exclude former Board members’ as candidates for 8 years, thus former Board members would continue to be able to seek a return to the Board following a 4 year hiatus.  Apparently, there was no issue regarding former Board members seeking re-election to the Board of Education. 

Numerous potential candidates are Piedmonters who have been active on commissions, committees, as volunteers and activists proving they care about their community and its schools.    

There are 3 positions on the City Council and 2 positions on the School Board to be filled at the election on November 6, 2018.

Uncontested elections:

A number of Piedmont City Council and School Board elections have been uncontested in the past, meaning only enough candidates seek election to fill the open positions and all candidates are automatically elected to the positions they seek.  Uncontested elections engender less interest and little discussion of issues, as there is no competition or true election by voters.


Some City Council issues:

  • potential new bond ballot measure for sports facilities
  • City Charter adherence 
  • zoning changes and construction regulations
  • taxation increases
  • garbage rates and contract terms
  • cell tower installations
  • police officers in schools
  • employee hiring and oversight
  • facility improvements
  • citizen involvement – open participatory processes
  • road and sidewalk repairs
  • fire and emergency safety
  • environmental matters

Some School Board issues:

  • school construction within constraints of  bond funding limits
  • student population changes
  • revenues sufficient to support operations and programs
  • comparisons to other public and private schools
  • school safety
  • police officers in schools
  • taxation increases
  • community engagement and participation through information to community
  • personnel selections
  • prompt responses to students and parents concerns
  • communications between school and home
  • community use of school facilities
  • environmental matters

The time to begin the process is now.

Those interested in Piedmont elective office must act before  the August 10 deadline in completing and filing the necessary paperwork to be a candidate in the November 6, 2018 election.

Candidates need to contact the City Clerk at 420-3040 for an appointment to receive filing information including taking out and returning candidate paperwork.  The session with the City Clerk is projected to take one hour. 

Procedures for Candidate’s

The City of Piedmont will hold its General Municipal Election on November 6, 2018. The nomination period for the three (3) vacancies on the Piedmont City Council and two (2) vacancies on the Board of Education opened on Monday, July 16th. The deadline for submitting completed paperwork is:

Friday, August 10th at 5:00 p.m.  with the City Clerk at Piedmont City Hall, 120 Vista Avenue.

There is no cost to candidates to file for election.

The California Elections Code requires that nomination papers be issued in person to the prospective candidate at City Hall.

It is strongly recommended that residents wishing to take out or return candidate paperwork set an appointment with the City Clerk. 510/420-3040

This ensures prompt service for the candidate and allows the Clerk to devote full attention to the process. Residents without appointments will be seen on a time available basis and may be subject to interruption. Contact the Piedmont City Clerk at 510/420-3040. 


The Piedmont “Guide to Nomination and Candidacy” is > HERE.



If an incumbent does not file for re-election, of which there are 2 incumbents* for the 3 Council vacancies and 2 incumbents for the two Board of Education vacancies, the nomination period will be extended by 5 days as below:

– Elections Code Section 10225.

(a) Notwithstanding Sections 10220 and 10224, if nomination papers for an incumbent officer of the city are not filed by or on the 88th day before the election, during normal business hours, as posted, the voters shall have until the 83rd day before the election during normal business hours, as posted, to nominate candidates other than the person who was the incumbent on the 88th day, for that incumbent’s elective office.

  • *On the City Council there is presently an appointed Council member, who is not considered by law to be an incumbent (Section 13107), but who can seek one of the 3 vacant seats on the Council at the November 2018 Election.

If there is a tie vote Section 15651 shall apply:

In the event of a tie-vote for any office which is being voted on at such General Municipal Election, the provisions of Section 15651 of the California Elections Code, relating to determining the tie by lot, shall apply.

Residents with questions about the process or wishing to make an appointment should call the City Clerk’s office at (510) 420-3040.

Jul 19 2018

Earthquake preparation for water lines – 

On Wednesday July 11, 2018,  an East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) District Board briefing was held at the EBMUD Administrative Building on 11th Street in downtown Oakland. Present at the meeting were EBMUD Board of Directors for three of the Wards for EBMUD local service areas: Doug Linnet, William B. Patterson, and Marguerite Young.  Invited Guests present at the meeting included other EBMUD representatives, elected officials, local media (including PCA), and other community leaders. Director Marguerite Young is the elected representation of Ward 3, the local service area which includes the City of Piedmont.

Much of the briefing focused on many of the general issues that confront the east bay with regards to water and water waste. In terms of the ongoing drought, Director of Operations and Maintenance, Clifford Chan says that the end of year water storage and reservoirs look good and healthy.

Issues included recapping on certain projects in the area, like a 7 million dollar odor reduction operation that was just completed on the water treatment plant beside Interstate Highway 80. This insures a reduction in the strong odors that drift across the highway and into the Target store and other shopping centers in the Emeryville area. This accompanies other projects that EBMUD has taken on.

During the 2017-2018 year EBMUD has begun the process of replacing old transmission pipelines. Several of these pipeline replacements will take place in EBMUD Ward 3 and will have an effect on daily activity in Piedmont. One such case is the replacement of an 88-year-old pipeline that runs beneath Grand Avenue on a stretch between Arroyo Avenue and Oakland Avenue. The construction on Grand Ave will force some lane closures, but EBMUD says it will maintain two way traffic at all times. In case of water service interruption, residents will be notified either in person or with a door hanger.

Several of the replacement projects in Ward 3 will have pipes rebuilt to withstand seismic activity like pipes running through Berkeley and Oakland that are built near or on the Hayward fault line such as a new pipeline that is running by Cal Memorial Stadium and beneath Highway 24, which services water through Berkeley, Oakland, and Piedmont. This line near the fault line will need to be engineered to withstand a large earthquake within a close proximity.

by Joe Creason, Journalism Intern