Sep 17 2019

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Sep 17 2019

The Recreation Commission meeting agenda includes Schoolmates, Coaches Field, Social Media and Tennis/Pickleball.

The public is invited to attend the meeting in the City Council Chambers, 120 Vista Avenue at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, September 18. Minutes are kept of the meeting and the meeting is broadcast live then archived on the Piedmont website. The meeting is also broadcast live on Cable Channel 27.  See staff reports linked below.

Regular Agenda

  1. Approval of Minutes–August 21, 2019
  2. Chair’s Report
  3. Director’s Report
  4. Program/Staff Spotlight
  5. Schoolmates Update -Jackson Stearns
  6. Update:Harvest Festival September 22, 2019 -Jackson Stearns
  7. Update: Coaches Field–Public Works Director Staff Report
  8. Update: City Website Live/Social Media–City Clerk Staff Report
  9. Update: Tennis/Pickleball Sub Committee–Steve Roland

READ the draft minutes and staff reports > Sept 2019 Recreation Commission Packet.


Sep 17 2019

Join the fun!   Tasting, art work, scarecrows, free goodies, food for purchase, music…….

Piedmont Harvest Festival – in its 21th year!

The event takes place at the Community Hall and Piedmont Park  from 11 am – 3 pm.

Carnival Games • Jazz Festival

Scarecrow Art Show & Auction • Fine Arts & Crafts Show

Farmer’s Market • Locally Grown Edibles Awards

Gourmet Food Trucks

Food • Fresh Local Lemonade

Alcohol-free Event • Free Admission

Sunday, September 22, 2019

11:00AM – 3:00PM

Piedmont Park & Community Hall

Enter your produce and tasty items:

Harvest Festival Flyer 2019


Sep 16 2019

To City Council:

I reviewed the Green Infrastructure Plan and find it lacking in providing a rationale for the projects it proposes.  The report on pages 14 and 15 outlines in extensive detail how potential projects were identified (“opportunity sites”, 230 in all) and then ranked, producing a list of 11.  Five of these are SWRP sites and ranked on a 14-point system while the other 7 appear to have been selected by staff and mainly only from the CIP list. In any event, the report should list all 230 sites, probably an easy tabulation. And the report should explain in greater detail what criteria staff used and how Bike-Ped projects were or were not considered.  Finally, I could not find a simple list of the 11 projects, just their location on Map A-1.  The body of the report should contain a list of these 11 projects and a brief narrative explaining their selection and a simple cost estimate.

Specific questions I think you should ask staff and the consultant:

1.        Retention area: there seems to be no project that is a simple diversion of street runoff to a retention area with the exception possibly being the Sheridan lawn. There are large areas of public property along roadways throughout Piedmont that could provide more cost-effective biotreatment than the proposed sites. Please ask the consultant what consideration was given to Hampton, Coaches, Linda Beach, Blair, and several medians in town for simple retention projects.

2.        EBMUD reservoir:  was this site considered it the opportunity analysis?

3.       Do the areas for traffic triangles on Map A-1, specifically the two in the Ramona/Ronada area and lower Grand, constitute the footprint of the actual triangle or the drainage catchment area for a smaller triangle?  If the actual footprint then these could be large expensive projects.  And are these SWRP sites or staff-selected sites?

4.       What are the costs to the city for maintaining the newly added triangles at Ramona/Ronada and Kingston?

I recommend you accept the plan Monday night but not approve it.  Give the community an opportunity to learn more about Green Infrastructure projects (the report has extensive examples) and contemplate projects for their neighborhoods. Send the report and complete Opportunity List to the Park Commission and CIP to hold meetings.   As I read the report the city has met its 2020 goal so there is ample time to allow residents to suggest projects.

Garrett Keating

Sep 7 2019

Catch Bus to Piedmont on Franklin Street in Downtown Oakland

Beginning Monday, September 9 line 33 buses heading from downtown Oakland to Piedmont will be detoured off Broadway and onto Franklin Street until the end of December.  The Piedmont-bound bus stops on Broadway between 12th Street and Thomas L. Berkley Way (20th Street) will be temporarily closed.  Substitute stops on Franklin Street will be near 12th, 15th Streets, then 20th Street at Webster Street.  Southbound bus 33 will continue to use its existing stops on Broadway, except the stops between 12th and 14th streets in front of Oakland City Center will be skipped.

This detour begins Monday, September 9 and continues to the end of December.

Sep 1 2019

The Piedmont City Council met on Tuesday, September 3 at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 120 Vista Avenue. The meeting was broadcast live on the City website and Cable Channel 27.  Recordings of the meeting are available on the City website.

Regular Agenda

  1. Approval of Council Meeting Minutes for 08/05/19

    PCA Council minutes2019-08-05

  2. Receipt of the 2nd Quarter Police Department Report from the Chief of Police 

    See crime statistics, maps, and programs in link below.

  3. Consideration of Authorization to Solicit Bids for Traffic Calming Measures at the Intersections of Greenbank & Oakland Avenues as well as Fairview & Grand Avenues


  4. Introduction of the City’s New Website


Sep 1 2019

The League of Women Voters California has announced support for ways to reduce plastics from going into the environment.

Every day, single-use packaging and plastic products generate thousands of tons of waste that are wreaking long lasting damage on our health and natural environment. We can no longer afford to wait. Act now and demand that your legislators combat the plastic waste crisis.

Roughly two-thirds of all plastic ever produced has been released into the environment, polluting every street, park, river, coast, and ocean. SB 54 and AB 1080 would alleviate the scourge of plastic by:

  • Requiring manufacturers to reduce waste and improve the recyclability or compostability of packaging.
  • Ensuring that all single-use packaging will be reusable, recyclable or compostable after 2030.
  • Mandating that the most-littered plastic products be made only from recyclable or compostable materials.
  • Creating incentives to encourage in-state manufacturing using recycled material.

Our dependence on single-use plastics is poisoning our state. Plastic production is a major source of global greenhouse gas emissions, floating plastic “islands” are clogging the oceans, and microplastics are increasingly contaminating our food and drinking water sources. Act now and help us combat the plastic waste crisis.

League of Women Voters California

Aug 18 2019

The Piedmont City Council meeting Monday, August 19 at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 120 Vista Avenue will take up the following agenda:

 Approval of a Revised “Defendants’ Side Agreement to Facilitate Consent Decree Compliance” related to the On-going Technical and Legal Activities of the East Bay Sewer Collection System Agencies 

Approval of Updated Personnel Rules for the City of Piedmont

 Appointment of Voting Delegate and Alternate for the 2019 League of California Cities Conference  

Vice Mayor Teddy Gray King and Councilmember Jennifer Cavenaugh

 Approval of an Agreement with ClientFirst Technology Consulting for Land Management Software Improvements and Data Migration   $75,000

08/19/19- Consideration of Authorization to Solicit Bids for the Cavendish Lane Rehabilitation Project –The City’s expenses related to this project will be reimbursed by the City of Oakland pursuant to the terms and conditions of the previously approved Emergency Agreement between the cities dated December 12, 2018.

The meeting will be broadcast on Cable Channel 27 and on the City website under videos. 

READ the Agenda > HERE.

Jul 31 2019

19 Sites Proposed: See list below.

Crown Castle Fiber Files Wireless Project Applications – More sites, but smaller equipment – 

On July 9, 2019, Crown Castle Fiber LLC filed wireless communication facilities (WCF) permit applications with the Planning and Building Department for 19 sites, most of which propose equipment attached to utility poles or street lights. The proposed sites are generally located around Piedmont Park and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The applications forms, plans, and other application materials are posted to the City website at:

The filing of these applications follows decisions made by the City Council in 2017 on eight WCF sites, a lawsuit filed in 2017 by Crown Castle challenging those decisions, and a settlement agreement that was the product of over eight months of mediation in federal court between Crown Castle and the City of Piedmont. The settlement agreement was approved by the City Council on December 17, 2018, and provides that Crown Castle will file new applications for the original sites reviewed in 2017 and ten additional sites. The additional sites were included because the settlement agreement designs delete the 700 MHz radios which Crown Castle previously requested. Due to the elimination of 700 MHz radios, the equipment can be sized to be appreciably smaller, but it also requires additional sites in order to cover the same service area.

Compared to the 2017 project applications, the proposed sites in the July 9, 2019 applications are designed to have smaller antennas and radios, be mounted higher on utility poles, reduce visual clutter, and have less or no impact on City trees.

The July 9, 2019 applications state that the sites are intended to improve cell phone service in Piedmont. Eighteen of the proposed sites included in the applications filed on July 9th result from the settlement agreement. Eight of these are the same sites as in the 2017 application. The ten new sites are needed to compensate for the elimination of the 700 MHz service. One of the ten new sites included in the July 9th applications does not match the location of the site included in the approved settlement agreement. For this and a number of other reasons, staff determined the applications incomplete on July 25, 2019.

The remaining facility site, located across from 314 Wildwood Avenue and within Piedmont Park, was not subject to the settlement agreement. However, the wireless permit for this site approved in 2017 had expired. Crown Castle chose to re-apply. This WCF application was also deemed incomplete on July 25th.

Once Crown Castle responds to the City’s letters outlining the items required to complete the applications, the projects will be scheduled for review by the Planning Commission and/or City Council. Due to recent changes by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the terms of the settlement agreement, the City must take action on the applications within 50 days of the response to the City’s letters.

The Planning Commission reviews and makes a recommendation to the City Council regarding approval or denial of the applications for all new sites (sites PHS-09 through PHS-19). The site near 314 Wildwood Avenue (PHS09) will also be scheduled for review by the Park Commission, which also makes a recommendation. The City Council will then consider all the applications and make a final decision.

If approved, Crown Castle will dismiss its lawsuit against the City. If not approved, the lawsuit will proceed.

The location of the sites included in the applications are listed below. Sites are across from, or in front of, the address indicated. Residents with questions about the applications may contact Senior Planner Pierce Macdonald-Powell by email at Any correspondence sent to the City may be considered a public record.

Proposed WCF sites:

  •  340-370 Highland Avenue (PHS01)
  •  150 Highland Avenue (PHS02)
  •  799 Magnolia Avenue (PHS03)
  •  740 Magnolia Avenue (PHS04)
  •  303 Hillside Avenue (PHS05)
  •  428 El Cerrito Avenue (PHS06)
  •  355 Jerome Avenue (PHS07)
  •  1166 Winsor Avenue (PHS08)
  •  314 Wildwood Avenue (PHS09)
  •  201 Hillside Avenue (PHS10)
  •  237 El Cerrito Avenue (PHS11)
  •  410 Hillside Court (PHS12)
  •  338 Magnolia Avenue (PHS13)
  •  96 Fairview Avenue (PHS14)
  •  116 MacKinnon Place (PHS15)
  •  100 Palm Drive (PHS16)
  •  185 Wildwood Avenue (PHS17)
  •  523 Boulevard Way (PHS18)
  •  44 Wildwood Avenue (PHS19)

For more information contact Senior Planner Pierce Macdonald Powell at (510) 420-3050 or . 

Jul 22 2019

Public Safety Committee Agenda Thursday, July 25, 2019 5:30 p.m. City Council Chambers, 120 Vista Avenue, Piedmont, CA

The meeting will not be broadcast, however the meeting is open to the public.  Minutes are kept of the meeting.

AGENDA:  7-25-19 PSC Agenda

Public Forum This is an opportunity for members of the audience to speak on an item not on the agenda. The 10 minute period will be divided evenly between those wishing to address the Committee.

1. Election of Chair Pro Tempore for July 25, 2019 Public Safety Committee Meeting

2. Approval of Public Safety Committee Meeting Minutes for 3/5/19, 3/28/19, & 5/30/19Public Safety 2019-03-05 DRAFT    Public Safety 2019-03-28 DRAFT  Public Safety 2019-05-30 DRAFT

3. Update on ALPR & Public Safety Cameras

4. Update on PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS)PG&E Public-Safety-Power-Shutoff-Fact-Sheet

5. Update on Police Department Social Media

6. Update on National Night OutTuesday, August 6  – For more information contact Sergeant Bolden at

7. Update on Get Ready, Piedmont Guide

8. Update on Map Your Neighborhood Announcements, old business and consideration of future agenda items