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Piedmont, California 94611
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Editorial Board:  Alice Creason |  Elizabeth Schultz | Susan Southworth

Our Mission and Goals

The mission of the Piedmont Civic Association (PCA) is to maintain and enhance Piedmont as a desirable community through the informed participation of its citizens. This well-respected Piedmont organization originated in 1986.  PCA is strictly non-partisan.

PCA does not support or oppose candidates for public office nor ballot measures.

PCA goals are to provide:

  • A wide base of active and informed citizens in Piedmont
  • A source of information about our local governments, including diverse and/or opposing viewpoints
  • A mechanism addressing matters of good governance

Some current issues include:

  • Public safety

  • Disaster preparedness

  • School facilities renovations and additions

  • Sports facility maintenance and expansion

  • Taxes

  • City and School District contract administration

  • Fiscal impact of new capital expenditures by the City and Schools

  • School District budgets and priorities

  • City budgets and priorities

  • Maintenance of all public facilities including sidewalks and roads

  • Unfunded commitments for City employee retirement and health benefits

  • Sewer funding

  • Utility undergrounding litigation

  • Funding to broadcast public meetings

  • Adherence to the State sunshine law – the Brown Act

The Piedmont Civic Association’s goal is to allow residents to readily participate in decisions facing our city. The PCA website provides information in one location. In addition, PCA emails offer links that allow easy contribution of comments in a timely manner to local elected officials, commissions, committees, staff, and the community at large.

PCA encourages discussion and information on local civic topics.

Through the PCA, busy residents can readily participate in civic activities and discussions.   Go to the left side of this page to add your name to the distribution list for periodic email updates. Email lists are not distributed internally or externally.  All email addresses are private.

Articles, opinions, comments, photos, announcements, and background information are desired. 

Participation in PCA is open to Piedmonters interested in maintaining and enhancing Piedmont as a desirable community through the informed participation of its citizens.  Comments, articles, photos, civic announcements, election news, background information, photos and videos can be submitted either to the link on the left side of this page or to editors@piedmontcivic.org.

All information on the PCA website is available to all without cost.

Your neighbors,

The Piedmont Civic Association