Jul 10 2021

Many gardeners know that pesticides are harmful to the environment and try to
minimize their use, but did you know that many of the plants that you buy come
pretreated with pesticides called neonicotinoids (neonics)?

Neonics are derived from nicotine, and these pesticides contaminate the entire plant for at least 10 years, as well as the soil they are planted in, the water they come in contact with, and the insects and pollinators that feed on them.

According to the Pollinator Posse, plants treated with neonics may be more attractive to
pollinators like bees, which may amplify their harmful ecological impact. Neonics are
considered a primary contributor to the massive decrease in bee and monarch butterfly
populations, along with climate change and habitat loss. Perhaps more alarming,
neonics are also linked to nervous system toxicity and reproductive disorders in

What can you do?
● Buy and plant wildlife-friendly, California native plants.
● When purchasing plants, read the plant label carefully or ask if they have been
treated with neonics. Let proprietors know that you prefer untreated plants. If in
doubt, shop elsewhere. Native plants are typically grown by specialist native
plant nurseries that do not use neonics. Luckily, Inner East Bay gardeners have
several neonic-free native nurseries nearby: East Bay Wilds Native Plant Nursery
in Oakland; Native Here Nursery in Berkeley; Oaktown Native Plant Nursery in
Berkeley; and The Watershed Nursery in Richmond. Ace Garden Center on
Grand Ave carries some (but not all) neonic-free brands and their native plant
section is quite small. Find a more complete list of Bay Area native plant
nurseries here.
● Buy organic produce whenever possible– it is not treated with neonics.
● Recognize that bites out of a plant leaf are a sign of a healthy ecosystem where
plants, pollinators, and other small lifeforms co-exist.

Pesticides are regulated at the federal and state levels. On the federal level, “Saving
America’s Pollinators Act” was introduced in Congress by the U.S. Representatives Earl
Blumenauer (D-OR) and Jim McGovern (D-MA) in June 2021 and would require the
EPA to take action to stop pollinator decline. Several US states and communities have
also instituted regulations. California is currently considering whether to list neonics
under Proposition 65, based on neurodevelopmental and reproductive effects on
humans. The European Union banned the use of outdoor neonics in 2018.

The City of Piedmont follows federal and state regulations and, in 2010, adopted an
integrated pest management (IPM) program that focuses on preventing infestations and
using pesticides only in rare cases (to save a mature native tree, for example) and as a
last resort.

For more information about neonics, check out these resources: the Natural Resources
Defense Council, Beyond Pesticides, and the Environmental Working Group.

By Indira Balkissoon and Marianne Mitosinka of Piedmont Connect

Jul 1 2021

Following the Sunday, 4th of July Holiday, City Offices will be Unavailable and Regularly Scheduled Public Meetings of the City Council (July 6) and Park Commission (July 7) are Cancelled.

The next City Council meeting will be Monday, July 19.  The next Park Commission meeting will be Wednesday, August 4.

The City of Piedmont plans to reopen City offices to the public on Monday, July 12th

We look forward to serving Piedmonters again in person. In consideration for the health of our community, when entering City buildings, masks are required for people who are unvaccinated and appreciated for those who are. There may be some changes to the way our facilities operate, but Piedmonters can continue to expect the same high level of customer service they’re used to.
Services which have been made available online during the pandemic will continue to be available electronically. We look forward to announcing some additional ways the community can conveniently access and schedule city services in the near future!
City of Piedmont Announcement
Apr 30 2021
Re: May 3 Council Agenda Item : Grand – Lower Grand
Piedmont City Council
Dear Mayor King and Council,
          Spending funds on a Grand Ave – lower Grand bicycle improvement is a curious option for public funds as only beautification and limited bike safety will be addressed. In contrast improving the Fairview – Grand intersection accomplishes many concerns: bicycle safety, pedestrian Safety, significant traffic calming and significant Green Infrastructure (“GI”) compliance as this intersection is at the bottom of the hill and a bio-swale can be installed. The GI element is essentially very limited or not possible at Grand – lower Grand. Importantly, more beautification then the small project proposed at Grand and lower Grand is possible at Fairview – Grand as the multitude of traffic turning up Fairview off Grand is indicative of this intersection as a significant City Gateway and there will be  beautification of one of the two small commercial zones in Piedmont. Lastly the unsightly “gateway” of white plastic bollards will be eliminated.
          The 2014 Piedmont Bike Pedestrian Master Plan (“PBMP”) at p. 77 listed Grand/Fairview as a priority project and the report states “many requests from the public, creates sense of gateway into the city.”  The current Staff Report notes the PBMP as to Grand/Lower Grand intersection as “one needing additional traffic calming measures.” The PBMP places the Fairview Grand intersection as a higher safety priority; a permanent solution at this important intersection addresses multiple issues unlike the limited possibilities at Grand – Lower Grand.
          I urge Council to reconsider and use taxpayer funds in a more efficient manner that serves many more in town and accomplishes multiple needs by improving the Grand – Fairview intersection. Minimally, I ask Council to direct Staff to place a higher priority on the Fairview – Grand intersection.
Rick Schiller, Piedmont Resident
April 30, 2021
Editors’ Note: Opinions expressed are those of the author.
Apr 28 2021
This year, the City of Piedmont’s Arbor Day Celebration will be held VIRTUALLY on Friday, April 30th.
Arbor Day Video:
The City has a link on their website of the Arbor Day video, which highlights the City’s 19 heritage trees, as well as, a presentation by Zach Parisa speaking about Piedmont’s own urban forest.

WATCH the Video > https://youtu.be/0sHHQ_AXflY

Arbor Day Tree Planting:
The City will be planting three Yulan Magnolia in Dracena Park, in memory of Ralston Louie.
Chalk Art Contest:
Public Works is also hosting a Chalk Art Contest for our youngest residents. Participants can pick their favorite street or park tree next to a sidewalk, write the tree’s name in chalk along with any inspired artwork honoring the tree! Please send your photo of the artist and tree to Nancy Kent. If you need assistance identifying your tree, contact Parks & Project Manager, Nancy Kent!
Prizes will be awarded for the most creative tree art!
For additional information contact Nancy Kent at nkent@piedmont.ca.gov
or (510) 420-3064 
Apr 6 2021

Park Commission Wednesday, April 7, 5:30 pm.

Read about the Heritage Tree selection, flowers, minutes, Agenda, participation, and much more by clicking the link below.

Park Commission 4-07-2021

Mar 30 2021

The City Council talked to candidates for hours on March 29, 2021, before diligently considering who to appoint to each available position.  The public meeting allowed viewers via Zoom to see the Council struggle amongst the talented group of applicants.  Residents should be pleased by the conscientious selection process. The meeting lasted for four hours, and in the end with one motion a slate was approved unanimously by the Council.  Service on the bodies is for 3 year terms as volunteers.

Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee: Robert McBain and Vanessa L. Washington

Civil Service Commission: Laura Isaacs and Michael Reese*

Park Commission:  Amber Brumfiel* and Patty Dunlap*

Public Safety Committee:  Stella Ngai and Jeffrey Horner*

Recreation Commission:  Rebecca Posamentier and Lisa Gardner

CIP Review Committee: Sharon Shoshani

Police & Fire Pension Board & City Investment Subcommittee: Robert Dickinson

* Incumbent

Mar 28 2021

Open Meeting: Monday, 6 pm March 29, 2021 

Interview Schedule 2021-03-29  <

  AGENDA >  City Council Agenda 2021-03-29 (Special)                * Incumbent

Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee (2 Vacancies)

6:15 p.m. Vanessa L. Washington

6:20 p.m. Jill Tanner (Also applied for Public Safety)

6:25 p.m. Robert Dickinson (Also applied for Housing Advisory, Planning)

Robert McBain (Also applied for Police & Fire Pension Board)

Michael Reese* (Also applied for Civil Service, Public Safety)

BAFP 2021_Redacted    Applications

Civil Service Commission (2 Vacancies)

6:30 p.m. Amy Kelly

6:35 p.m. Laura Isaacs

Michael Reese* (Also applied for Budget Advisory, Public Safety)

Civil Service 2021_Redacted   Applications

Park Commission (2 Vacancies)

6:40 p.m. Sharon Shoshani

6:45 p.m. Jenny Feinberg (Also applied for Recreation)

Amber Brumfiel*

Patty Dunlap*

Park 2021_Redacted Applications

6:50 p.m. BREAK

Public Safety Committee (2 Vacancies)

7:00 p.m. Jamie Totsubo

7:05 p.m. Michael Reese (Also applied for Budget Advisory, Civil Service)

7:10 p.m. Stella Ngai

7:15 p.m. Sara Kaplan

Jeffrey Horner*

Jill Tanner (Also applied for Budget Advisory)

Public Safety 2021_Redacted Applications

Recreation Commission (2 Vacancies)

7:20 p.m. Brooke Wall

7:25 p.m. Rebecca Posamentier

7:30 p.m. Mike McConathy

7:35 p.m. Lisa Gardner

7:40 p.m. Caroline Davis

7:45 p.m. Derek Cheung

Jenny Feinberg (Also applied for Park)

Recreation 2021_Redacted  Applications

CIP Review Committee (1 Vacancy) No Applicants

Police & Fire Pension Board & City Investment Subcommittee (1 Vacancy)

Robert McBain (Also applied for Budget Advisory)

Police & Fire Pension 2021_Redacted   Application

Interview Schedule 2021-03-29  <



Mar 16 2021

The following link is for the video of the Linda Beach Phase I Master Plan meeting held on Saturday March 6. Click below.

Linda Beach Phase I Master Plan Virtual  Neighborhood Meeting Recording

Rick Schiller writes: “Above is the link to the March 6, 2021 City webinar concerning Phase I of the Linda Beach Master Plan. Phase I is about obtaining grant funding for the bathrooms, play area behind the bathrooms and the area next to and under the Oakland Avenue Bridge.  At 39:30 in the tape there is reference to pickleball that goes to about 44:00. My sense is that City Staff are aware of the presence and growth of Pickelball; the consultant dismissed pickleball stating the decision had been made to incorporate Bocce instead. I believe Linda Beach is the only available space in town for dedicated pickleball courts and not just dual-use tennis courts which require daily pickleball net setup and breakdown.”

Linda Beach Park Item: #5 on Recreation Commission meeting March 17, 2021.  Click agenda link below:

March Recreation Commission Meeting  Agenda March 17, 2021

Feb 28 2021

Park Commission will consider Street Tree Plans for Manor Drive March 3, 2021.

Read the Agenda, prior meeting minutes and Street Tree staff report by clicking below.

Park Commission 3-3-2021 Agenda Packet_

Feb 23 2021

Do you have the time and interest in volunteering for the City of Piedmont ?

Deadline: Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The City of Piedmont is looking for a few talented volunteers for vacancies on commissions and committees. Interested residents may view [also linked below] the Commission Description of Duties, download the Application for Appointive Vacancy, and/or apply online on the City’s web site at https://www.ci.piedmont.ca.us/. 

Applications are due to City Hall on or before the deadline of Wednesday, March 17th.

Interviews with the City Council for these positions will be scheduled for the evenings of Monday, March 22nd and Monday, March 29th. Applicants will be notified of their interview date after the application period closes. No appointments will be made without a Council interview.  All interviews will be virtual. 

The vacancies are as follows:

Commission / Committee No. of
No. of Incumbents
Eligible for Reappointment
Budget Advisory and Financial
Planning Committee
 2 1
CIP Review Committee 1 0
Civil Service Committee 2 1
Housing Advisory Committee 4 or 6 0
Park Commission 2 2
Planning Commission 2 2
Police & Fire Pension Board &
City Investment Subcommittee
1 1
Public Safety Committee 2 1
Recreation Commission 2 0

Commission and Committee Descriptions of Duties 2021-02-17

Commission and Committee Fillable Application 2021

Notice and Procedural Details of Appointive Vacancies 2021

Residents with questions are invited to contact the City Clerk’s office at (510) 420-3040.

2021-02-23 Volunteers for Commissions-Committees