Piedmont Civic Association FAQs


What is the Piedmont Civic Association?

PCA is a volunteer organization of Piedmont residents. Our mission is to maintain and enhance Piedmont as a desirable community through the informed participation of its citizens.

What does the Piedmont Civic Association do?

PCA primarily hosts a website in order to provide residents with a lively and informed source of information on civic topics.

Does the Piedmont Civic Association support or oppose candidates for public office or ballot measures?

No. PCA does not support or oppose candidates for public office or ballot measures.

Are published opinions and comments representative of PCA opinions?

No. Numerous varying opinions are published on the PCA website.  All opinion pieces are those of the author.  PCA opinion articles will be noted as such.

Is there a fee to participate?

No.  All activities are free supported by voluntary contributions of time and money.

Who can participate?

Anyone can receive PCA news by adding their name to the PCA email list tab found on the left side of this page, write articles, make comments, submit information, opinions or photos.  Go to Contact Us to learn more.  The website is designed to promote broad community participation in civic discussions.  There is also an opportunity to become more involved as volunteers are welcomed.

 Send an email to editors@piedmontcivic.org to indicate your interest in participation. (See “About Us” for current Editorial Board participants.)

Who writes the articles on the Piedmont Civic Association website?

Residents, public officials, students, and the PCA Editorial Board all contribute articles, photos, and opinions.

How can I submit an article, opinion, or announcement?

Anyone may submit an article by filling out the Submit an Article form. After reading the PCA Editorial Board Guidelines, simply fill out the form online and attach your file or paste it into your email.

Can I submit other types of materials?

Yes.  Video clips, photos, and other visual materials are welcome, as well as interviews, charts, surveys, expert reports, links, and any other type of informative material, using the Submit an Article form or by emailing  editors@piedmontcivic.org.  Use your imagination.  Please include the names of all featured persons.

I submitted a comment on an article, but don’t see it posted.  Where is it?

At times, representative comments from the community, or selected portions, may be published, normally within a few days of their submission.  The writer’s  name will be published with the comment, but the writer’s email address will never be publicly shared. Opinions are those of the author.  PCA reserves the right not to post a submitted comment or opinion for any reason.

Can I send in news of events and meetings?

We encourage residents who follow a particular civic topic to keep us updated on upcoming hearings and local events using the Submit an Event form.

Does Piedmont Civic Association edit materials submitted by participants?

Materials are reviewed and edited by the Editorial Board to ensure they reflect and promote the PCA mission and meet Editorial Board Guidelines.  It is customary for PCA to provide a headline and lead sentences in order to clearly identify topics on the PCA website. PCA reserves the right to not accept materials for any reason.

Why do you ask for my name and street when I am submitting an article? Do you post it?

All material submitted to PCA must include the name and home address of the person submitting it. Addresses will never be publicly shared. The authors name will be included with the article. Information also may be submitted as strictly background for future articles, in which case names will be kept private and not used with information.

What is PCA’s policy regarding privacy of donor names and email subscribers?

PCA policy is to never publish or distribute the names of donors or subscriber’s emails.

My neighbor doesn’t use computers . . . can he/she participate?

Please feel free to distribute hard copies of PCA online reports to neighbors.

Can I participate in the Piedmont Civic Association if I don’t live in Piedmont?

The Piedmont Civic Association is designed primarily for Piedmont residents who are affected by matters on which we report.  However, the website is open to all interested in Piedmont.

Does PCA hold forums and debates?

Yes.  The Piedmont Civic Association has held informational forums and debates and looks forward to holding non-partisan gatherings in the future.  PCA does not support or oppose candidates for public office or ballot measures. All participants have an equal opportunity to present their views without support or opposition from PCA.