Piedmont Civic Association

—- Editorial Board Guidelines —-

Providing information on topics of civic interest is the goal of the Piedmont Civic Association. To accomplish this goal, the PCA Editorial Board reviews and where appropriate edits materials prior to publication.

Tone and Accuracy

PCA encourages civil and constructive communication to build community.  A reasoned, reflective, and objective tone is desired.  All information should be accurate. Any assumptions or limitations should be noted. Overall, a clear, even-handed assessment is desired. It is customary for PCA to provide a headline and lead in order to clearly identify topics on the PCA website.  Personal attacks to individuals and organizations are not accepted. 

Links to Primary Source Materials

Hyperlinks to primary source materials are helpful.

Submission and Posting

When submitting material to PCA, name and home address of the person submitting is required. PCA will publish authors’ names on articles, however home addresses and email addresses will never be publicly shared. Information also may be submitted as background for future articles, in which case, names will not be used.

Use the Submit an Article form to submit articles, opinions, photos, announcements online or mail to: PCA Editorial Board at 20 Scenic Avenue, Piedmont, California 94611.

PCA reserves the right to not accept materials for any reason.

Read FAQs for more details.