Sep 2 2020

Cory Smegal School Board Candidate

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Sep 2 2020
We are fortunate to currently have Jennifer Cavenaugh on City Council and residents will be well represented by electing Jen for the next four years.
Jen’s objective, critical and detailed examination of the many challenges facing Piedmont is no surprise given her business management and IT skills.
Her ongoing concern of addressing Piedmont’s aging infrastructure will be much needed as we move forward.  Yet she seeks to balance our growing needs with a realistic view of ever increasing fiscal demands placed on Piedmont residents.  I know Jen is also aware and concerned about the significant retired segment of our population and how our needs will be addressed. Jen cares.
Beyond various conversations about City affairs, I’ve had the pleasure of playing pickleball with Jen. I’d like to say I beat her often but that would be a stretch as she brings a focus and intensity to the game that mirrors her presence at City Council Meetings.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her family and observing the temperament of her three great kids; their good character is a direct reflection of the values that she and husband Dan foster.
I do not always agree with Jen’s conclusions but I know she has done her homework and that she deeply cares about Piedmont. Her probing questions to Staff and consultants are invaluable and Jen will not simply accept the consensus position because it’s the easy thing to do. Jen’s integrity and temperament are qualities that are essential on City Council.
Vote for Jennifer Cavenaugh for Piedmont City Council.
Rick Schiller


Sep 1 2020

For the past four years, I have served on the Piedmont Board of Education and am currently Vice-President.  I am running for a second term because I believe that experience is important, and I care deeply about the schools and the well-being of our students and staff.   Recognizing that California continues to underfund public education, I led PUSD advocacy efforts in Sacramento for additional state funding.  Locally, I fought for Measures G&H to guarantee Piedmont’s continued fiscal solvency. I am proud of my role in bringing a new STEAM building and theater to PHS. I also convinced the district to refinance a PUSD facilities bond which will save Piedmont taxpayers $25M over the life of the bond. As board correspondent for the past two years, I have been committed to enhancing communication and increasing community outreach.  I am proud of the board’s efforts to prioritize student mental health and to promote equity and anti-racism. But there is still more to be done.  

The COVID-related challenges the school district is facing are unprecedented. The needs of our students, families, faculty, and staff have never been greater.  At this time, we must all come together to support our schools.  We must do everything we can to prioritize the needs of our students.  If re-elected, I will continue to advocate for fiscal solvency, mental and physical health, clear communication, and excellence in education.  

Personally, I have an MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.  My husband grew up in Piedmont (PHS ‘85).  We moved to town 16 years ago with our daughter, Anna (PHS ‘19), our son, Tommy (PHS ‘21). I am active in the Piedmont Parents Network, Scouts and Boosters, and in my free time I enjoy playing golf and meeting up with friends at a distance in the dog park.

If you’d like to know more about my candidacy or to endorse me, please visit my website,

Cory Smegal


Aug 24 2020

Piedmont voters will decide on November 3 two ballot measures taxing Piedmont properties.  Both measures were approved for the ballot and are supported by the Piedmont City Council.  There is official opposition to both ballot measures. The two measures will be located near the end of Piedmont ballots.

The arguments for and against the measures are linked below.

Each measure has an analysis by Piedmont’s attorney linked below.

Measure TT  increases the Real Property Transfer Tax (RPTT) on the sale of Piedmont residences to fund general City purposes.

Measure UU is a bond to fund the reconstruction of the Piedmont Municipal Pool and build new associated facilities.

Questions on the ballot >  Notice of Election – Measures

Measure TT – Transfer Tax Increase on Real Property Sales

Measure UU – Pool Construction Bonds 

Aug 22 2020

Alameda County Issued Revised Shelter in Place Order – 

Piedmont to Consider Whether Pool Reopening is Practicable  – 

On Friday evening, August 21st, the Alameda County Health Official issued a revised Shelter in Place order, which, effective August 28th, allows the reopening of outdoor pools, permission for outdoor personal care services, and permission for outdoor tasting at wineries. A summary of the order is available on the County’s web site.

As this is the first guidance issued by Alameda County for the reopening of pools, the City will spend the next two weeks determining whether the conditions imposed by the order can be applied in a way that makes sense to reopen the Piedmont Community Pool. Staff had previously developed reopening frameworks based upon guidance from other health jurisdictions. The City understands the importance of the pool to the community and will examine whether reopening under the requirements imposed by the order is practicable. It is likely that a decision on whether to reopen the Piedmont Community Pool will be considered by the City Council at its meeting of September 8th. –

August 22, 2020 – Press Release

Contact: John O. Tulloch     (510) 420-3041

Aug 18 2020

Click the link below and then click on individual City Council and School Board candidates’ names to read their statements to be printed in the official 2020 Election Voter Information Guide.

Aug 7 2020


City Council Candidates – Elect 2

N. “Sunny” Bostrom-Fleming *

Jennifer Cavenaugh

Connie Herrick

Conna McCarthy

*Updated 8/10/2020


School Board Candidates – Elect 3

Veronica Anderson Thigpen

Hilary Cooper

Jason Kelley

Cory Smegal

Hari Titan

Click below for further details on candidates:

Jul 31 2020

Transfer Tax increase, as proposed, requires only a majority of voters to support the tax rather than 2/3rds required voter approval of identified purposes.

“Our facilities maintenance fund, which was established in 2003 to address ongoing and deferred maintenance of city owned facilities, has very little planned funding within our budget beyond FY 2019- 2020. The committee has recommended in previous budget analyses that in the near term (over the next 5 –10 years), minimum additional funding of approximately $850,000 per year is needed just to maintain the existing condition of City buildings, parks, streets and sidewalks.”  Report of the Piedmont Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee, June 2020.

The lack of steady funding for Facilities Maintenance has been the sole justification offered by the Committee and City Council for the proposed increase in the Real Property Transfer Tax headed for the November 2020 ballot.  The Committee warns the transfer tax will be a flat $2.8M for the next 10 years and recommends raising the tax to bring in $950,000 annually to address the maintenance “deficit.”   Make no mind of the fact that the transfer tax averaged $3.4M over the past decade and is projected to reach $4.5M by 2030.  The Facilities Maintenance fund currently has a balance of $5M and this year’s transfer tax was $3.5M.

Assume the Committee is right.  If so, then why is there a such huge loophole in the resolution authorizing the tax for expenditures other than facility maintenance?  The resolution notes the dire state of Piedmont facilities: “The increase in such tax is made necessary due to aging infrastructure which is escalating operating costs that outpace the growth of City revenues;” yet goes on to state:

“The tax would apply to the sale of real property until ended by the voters; and revenues from the tax could be used for any legitimate governmental purpose; this measure is not a commitment to any particular action or purpose. The tax is a general tax and shall be approved if the measure receives at least a simple majority of affirmative votes.”

“Not a commitment to any particular action or purpose.”  So the new tax can be used for anything – salaries and benefits, new equipment, project overruns.  The real reason for that clause may be to lower the vote needed for the measure to pass – general taxes only need a simple majority to pass.

Garrett Keating

Piedmont Resident

Jul 26 2020

Interested in running for the School Board or the City Council?

It’s Time to File!

On November 3, 2020 Piedmont voters will support or reject the $19 million Municipal Pool Bond Measure, increase the Real Property Transfer Tax when selling their homes,  and choose the future City Council and School Board.

Piedmont voters who are interested in seeking election or reelection to public office on the City Council or School Board must file their candidacy documents by August 7.  City Clerk John Tulloch must be contacted to learn specifically what documents must be completed.  Contact # 510/420-3040

 Nomination Filing Period ends August 7, 2020


Real Property Transfer Tax Increase and Pool Bond Measure for New Aquatics Center

Piedmonters wanting to file an argument for or against the Real Property Transfer Tax Increase or the Municipal Aquatics Center bond measure must meet the deadlines by contacting the City Clerk. 

Contact City Clerk John O. Tulloch at 510/420-3040 for updated information, dates, and specific qualifications to file an argument for or against the ballot measures.

Deadline for Direct Arguments on Measures – August 14, 2020 ?

 Deadline for Rebuttal Arguments on Measures – August 21, 2020 ?

Two seats on the City Council  will be elected on November 3.   Mayor Robert McBain having served two 4 year terms is not eligible to seek re-election.   Council member Jen Cavenaugh has taken out papers for another 4 year term.  Conna McCarthy has filed her City Council candidacy papers. Connie Herrick and  N.”Sunny” Rhodes Bostrom-Fleming have taken out candidate papers.

Three positions on the School Board will be chosen. Two School Board members, Andrea Swenson and Sarah Pearson, will  have served two 4 year terms and are not eligible to seek re-election. A third School Board member, Cory Smegal, is eligible to be re-elected to another 4 year term.  Those who have taken out papers as of this date for the School Board are: Veronica Anderson, Hilary Cooper, Jason Kelley, Hari Titan, Dr. James Crawford-Jakubiak, and N. “Sunny” Rhodes Bostrom-Fleming.

Sunny Bostrom-Fleming, who has taken out papers for both the School Board and the City Council, will only be allowed to file papers for one of the positions.

For the most updated information on candidates, click below:


Staff report: Approval of a Resolution Setting Procedural Details for the General Municipal Election of November 3, 2020

SECTION 7. There shall be no filing fee for candidates for office in the General Municipal Election.

SECTION 8. The candidates’ statements shall be limited to a maximum of 200 words.

SECTION 10. The nominations for the General Municipal Election are open and close no later than 5:00 pm on August 7, 2020, unless extended pursuant to Elections Code Section 10225.

For all election related questions, contact City Clerk John O. Tulloch at 510/420-3040. 

Jul 13 2020

Today, I pulled papers to file as a candidate for Piedmont City Council. I am running because I want to be part of the decision-making that makes Piedmont a truly special place to live.  We are a multi-generational community of neighbors.  We look out for each other. We feel responsible for each other. With every school parcel tax passed, we declare that the welfare of our children is the priority of our entire community.  And just as important, we respect and honor those who came before us, those who grounded us with community traditions and pride, those who planned and prepared and were stewards for next generations. 

I want to be part of the leadership that encourages large conversations where all stakeholders thoughtfully plan and manage limited resources for the benefit of Piedmont now and into the future. I want to support technology that makes city services more accessible. I want to support climate leadership that values technological innovation as well as encouraging individual responsibility. I want safe streets. I want to support a highly trained and visible police department. I want to support a highly trained and visible fire department. I will respect the economic investment and personal sacrifices people make to live in Piedmont when determining how funding is spent. I want Piedmont to be the place where our children want to raise their own families and where newcomers know they are welcomed and wanted.

Conna McCarthy

July 13, 2020