May 12 2020


 There has been some discussion of deferring for at least one year the second phase of the construction program — demolishing the 10s building and constructing a Performing Arts Center/New Alan Harvey Theater on the 10s site. The reasons for considering a delay include concerns over the sufficiency of contingency funds ($1.96 million), an interest in redesign to reduce overall cost, and, mostly recently, preserving the 10s building for increased social distancing.

Committee recommends moving ahead with the second phase and demolishing the 10s building.

A Measure H1 Facilities Program Update is linked here for your review.

READ the full staff report linked below:

PUSD 5132020

READ the agenda for the May 13 School Board meeting HERE.

May 10 2020

Finally, a televised Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee (BAFPC)!

Most residents know little of this committee, but it is the source for all tax increases for the city.

BAFPC was recently directed by the City Council to develop funding proposals for major upgrades to city facilities. Three quick observations from the meeting on May 7, 2020:

– scenarios of $30, 45 and 70M bond initiatives are being studied

– apparently the community can live with “15 basis points” (0.15%) of bond indebtedness which translates to either the School District or City issuing $60M bond indebtedness every 5 years. The size of the city proposal could impinge on the District’s ability to issue bonds in 5 years. City staff will be reaching out to District officials to discuss this.

– Chair Bill Hosler offered a quick estimate – with  4,000 parcels in town, an equitable parcel tax of $1,000 per parcel for 10 years would raise $47M. I don’t recall if that was through issuance of bonds or just accumulated funds.

Hopefully, this Zoom meeting will be posted on the City website so residents can watch. Next BAFPC meeting is May 21 where a final recommendation to the City Council will likely be made.

Garrett Keating, Former Piedmont Councilmember

Editors’ Note: Above is a  comment on the post “First Time Piedmont Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee Can Be Publicly Viewed from Home or Office.”

No recording of the BAFPC Zoom meeting was found on the city website. 

May 6 2020

Bond Measure on November 2020 Ballot ?

Community participation in setting priorities ?

The Piedmont Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee (BAFPC) has recently been charged by the Piedmont City Council with coming up with ways to fund Piedmont public projects. 

According to public comments, funding is possibly a bond measure for the November 3, 2020 Piedmont ballot.  The Council will need to make a decision on placing a bond measure on the November ballot no later than August. 

To date, there have been no public meetings or surveys to determine the list of desired projects which Piedmonters would favor. 

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have already been spent by the City Council on consultants and staff work proposing and planning special recreation projects.  Recreation projects have focused on a new Municipal Pool and Aquatic Center, Linda Beach Park play areas, and Coaches Field.  Other city facilities are also on a priority list. 

Very recently, 20th century Fire and Police facilities and readiness have been added to the Council list of possible projects needing funding sources. Public input has not been solicited on these projects. 

Infrastructure improvements to roadways, sidewalks, curbs and gutters and  undergrounding of overhead wires are not listed on the City Council priority list for funding.

Where is the money going to come from?

BAFPC to advise the City Council on funding sources.

For the first time, at-home citizens will be able to view and participate in the BAFPC deliberations and recommendations. Typically, the meetings have been held away from cameras with no minutes produced of the meetings.  The BAFPC Chair generally writes the Committee recommendations that are forwarded to the City Council. 

The Committee advises on tax levies, bond measures, financial planning, and budgetary matters. See items listed on the May 7, 2020 meeting agenda below.

Budget Advisory & Financial Planning Committee Thursday, May 7, 2020 7:00 p.m. Via Teleconference

Members of the public can participate in the meeting by:

Computer or smart phone: Click

Telephone: Dial (669) 900-9128 and enter webinar/meeting number 880-5805-3315

Full meeting agenda and participation details click below:

 2020-05-07 Budget Advisory & Financial Planning Committee.

Back-up documentation and staff reports for the agenda have not been publicly disseminated. 

 Relevant prior staff report:

42020Consideration of Actions Related to the Planning Process for Possible City Facility Renovation Projects

Apr 18 2020

Does COVID-19 change Piedmont’s priorities for spending?

Are Piedmonters interested in taxing themselves further for additional city expenditures?

Year after year, Piedmont taxpayers have generously approved bond measures for school facilities and parcel taxes for school and city operations.  Currently, there are no voter approved city bonds.

The Piedmont City Council’s long list of capital projects for new expenditures without sufficient funding include extensive new and revised recreation facilities, the municipal pool, playgrounds, etc.  Also on the list are improvements to City Hall, Police Department, Fire Department and other municipal facilities.  Not on the list for improvements are streets, sidewalks and undergrounding of utility wires.

Streets and Sidewalks:

During COVID-19 restrictions, many Piedmonters are walking or running on Piedmont’s streets and sidewalks to get exercise and recreate One cannot help but notice the many cracked, lifted, eroded, and dangerous sidewalks in the city.  Many streets have faulty pavement and have not been repaved in decades. Curbs and gutters on numerous streets have lacked care, thus leaving pools of water and uneven surfaces.

Most funding for Piedmont sidewalks and street resurfacing comes from outside sources.

The City of Piedmont is charged with and oversees the maintenance of the city’s streets and sidewalks.  The city owns Piedmont’s beautiful street trees and is responsible for damage caused by these trees to sidewalks and gutters. Property owners are not allowed to trim or remove street trees.  Changes by residents to sidewalks and gutters require city permits.

Street Infrastructure Maintenance & Replacement

“The City’s FY 2019-20 budget for street infrastructure maintenance and replacement is $1.4 million. Funding sources include Measure B, Measure BB, Measure F, and the Gas Tax, which also now includes funds from SB-1 that was recently approved by the state legislature. The majority of available funding is dedicated to street resurfacing and sidewalk repair work, with the balance dedicated to important sub-categories such as the implementation of projects prioritized by the approved Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan, and those related to the Complete Streets program.” Piedmont 2019-20 Budget

Undergrounding of Utility Wires:

Most areas in Piedmont do not utility wires placed underground, yet undergrounding of utilities has been deemed an important mechanism for providing safety during fires and earthquakes.  Undergrounding is also considered a highly desired aesthetic improvement to Piedmont.  No money is set aside in the Piedmont budget for undergrounding projects.

Consultant for City Selected Projects

Currently, the Council is looking toward a city bond measure to finance either partially or totally their long list of selected improvements or changes to city facilities including the Municipal Pool, Playfields, city facilities – police, fire departments, etc.  Streets, sidewalks and underground utilities are not on the city list.

An expenditure of $50,000 to hire a consultant related to the Planning Process for Possible City Facility Renovation Projects will be undertaken at the April 20, 2020, City Council meeting.  Public outreach would be part of the process.


Due to the COVID 19 Stay at Home order, the April 20 Council meeting will be a virtual meeting, and as such will only be available online.  Piedmonters can participate via the online connections as described on the agenda below:

4202020 council-current-agenda (1)

READ the staff report below to see the select list of projects identified and proposed process.

42020Consideration of Actions Related to the Planning Process for Possible City Facility Renovation Projects

Want to make a comment or suggestion to the City Council prior to the meeting?

Address your comments to the City Council as a whole:


Address your comments to individual councilmembers:

Apr 8 2020

The City has received several questions about the Shelter in Place Order and what it means for residents in Piedmont. Please note that as orders are put in place the answers to these questions may change-check back frequently. Please refer to the Alameda County Shelter in Place FAQ and the Alameda County Extension of the Shelter in Place Order for more information. If you would like to submit a question click here and we will do our best to answer it.

    1. Am I allowed to leave my home while the order in in effect?


    1. Yes, but with strict conditions. The intent of the shelter in place order is to ensure that the maximum number of people shelter in their places of residence to the maximum extent feasible to slow the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate the impact on delivery of critical healthcare services to those in need. You may leave your residence only for Essential Activities, Essential Governmental Functions, Essential Travel, to work for Essential Businesses, or to perform Minimum Basic Operations for non-essential businesses.


    1. Why are Piedmont parks closed?


    1. The intent of the Order is to ensure that the maximum number of people stay home to slow the spread of the virus! The Piedmont Police Department has observed numerous and frequent violations of the original shelter in place order where groups of people were congregating in our parks requiring officers to enforce the social distancing provisions of the Order. The City took the step to close all parks in an effort to support the intent of the Order and protect Piedmont residents.


    1. The Police Department views the closure of the parks as essential to the enforcement of the new order. Closing all parks provides clarity for the public and for the police department.


    1. Attempting to close only the dog parks (fully mandated by the updated order) while leaving other parts of parks open would be confusing for the public, result in increased clarification calls to our 911 center, increase police officer staff time in interpreting and explaining boundaries to the public, and will not accomplish the intent of the order, which is to limit areas where people are attracted to congregate.


      1. What if people enter Piedmont parks? How will the Piedmont Police enforce the order?

    The Police Department has enforced the order to this point by verbal admonishments and warnings, however, citations may be given at the discretion of an officer.


    1. Is this mandatory or just guidance?


    1. Yes, it is mandatory. These orders are issued under the authority of California law. You are required to comply, and it is a crime (a misdemeanor with up to $1,000 in fines or six months imprisonment) not to follow the Orders (although the intent is not for anyone to get into trouble).


    1. What are Essential Activities?
        • Activities to perform tasks important to your health and safety, or to the health and safety of your family or household members (including pets), for example obtaining medical supplies or medication, or visiting a health care professional.
        • Activity to obtain necessary services or supplies for yourself and your family or household members, or to deliver those services or supplies to others, for example, food, pet supply, or products necessary to maintain the habitability, sanitation, and operation of your residence.
        • Outdoor recreational activity, such as walking, hiking, bicycling, and running, in compliance with Social Distancing Requirements and with the following limitations:


        • Outdoor recreation activity must be in conformance with any restrictions on access and use established by the Health Officer, government, or other entity that manages areas to reduce crowding and risk of transmission of COVID-19.


        • Regarding outdoor recreational activity:


          • Use of playgrounds, dog parks, public picnic areas, and similar recreational areas is prohibited.


          • Use of shared public recreational facilities such as golf courses, tennis and basketball courts, pools, and rock walls is prohibited.


            • Sports or activities that require use of shared equipment, like frisbees, basketballs, baseballs, and soccer balls, may only be engaged in by members of the same household.
      1. My Contractor is scheduled to start a remodel next week. Can I go ahead with my project?

    No. You must defer your remodel or renovation project unless it is necessary to restore your home to a safe, sanitary, and habitable space.


      1. I’m in the middle of home renovation project, can work continue?

    No. All construction projects in Piedmont must cease immediately. Under the provisions in the March 31st Order issued by the Alameda County Health Department, no current active building permits in Piedmont meet the requirements to be considered an Essential Activity and therefore all must shut down immediately. There are very few exceptions to this requirement. Please contact the Planning & Building Department at (510) 420-3051 with any questions. The City is working no notify all active building permits that work must cease immediately. See

Building, Construction & Landscape Restrictions

    1. Is my garbage being picked up?


    1. Yes, if it fits in the bin it will be picked up. If it does not fit in the bin, pickup will be deferred until after the emergency declaration has ended. See the temporary changes


    1. .


    1. Do I have to pay my property taxes by April 10?Yes., but if you have experienced hardships caused by the corona virus and the shelter-in-place order in relation to payment of property tax you can apply for a Property Tax Late Payment Waiver, please see the press release from the Alameda County Tax Collector for more information about penalty waivers for eligible taxpayers.


      1. How will I get food and medicine I need if I must “Shelter in Place” in my home?

    The Order specifically allows people to leave their home to buy food, purchase medicine, and purchase other necessary items. It also directs businesses selling those items to remain open, and allows employees of those businesses to keep working and ensure those businesses are operating. Essential businesses that remain open must follow industry-specific guidance issued by the County Health Officer related to COVID-19.


    1. Are Piedmont Play Fields Open?


    1. No. All parks in Piedmont (including Dog Parks) are closed as of April 1. Click here for up to date list of closures.


    1. Can my kids play together in our yard?


    1. Nothing in the order prohibits members of a single household or living unit from engaging in Essential Travel or Essential Activities together.


    1. Are the Piedmont Tennis courts open?


    1. No. All City Facilities are closed until further notice. Click here for up to date list of closures.


    1. Can I visit friends or family members if there is no urgent need?


    1. No. For your safety as well as their safety, we need to help each other fight the spread of COVID-19 by staying at home. Stay connected through phone calls, social media or video conferencing. Try a Zoom Video Happy Hour or dinner party!


    1. Can my kids still have playdates with their friends?


    1. No. For your safety as well as their safety, we need to help each other fight the spread of COVID-19 by staying at home. All public and private gatherings of any number of people occurring outside a single household or living unit are prohibited, except for the limited purposes expressly permitted in the order.


    1. Can I walk my dog? Are Piedmont Dog Parks open?


    1. You can walk your dog on sidewalks and streets as long as you follow Social Distancing guidelines. Piedmont Dog Parks are now closed. Click here for up to date list of closures.


    1. Can I continue to use public transit?


    1. You may use public transit only for purposes of performing Essential Activities or to travel to and from work to operate Essential Businesses, maintain Essential Governmental Functions, or to perform Minimum Basic Operations at non-essential businesses. Transit agencies and people riding on public transit must comply with Social Distancing Requirements, as defined in Section 13.k of the order, to the greatest extent feasible.


    1. Is Mulberrys open and other food retailers?


    1. Yes. Grocery stores, certified farmers’ markets, farm and produce stands, supermarkets, food banks, convenience stores, and similar food retail establishments are encouraged to remain open to provide food and pet supplies to the public. When visiting these establishments, please help retailers maintain six feet minimum distance between patrons, including by providing ample space while shopping and waiting in line.


    1. Specifically to Mulberry’s, take your coffee to go and do NOT linger and socialize out front. Tables and chairs have been removed for a reason!


      1. Can I travel out of Alameda County?

    The order allows travel into or out of the county only to perform essential activities, operate essential businesses, maintain essential governmental functions, or perform minimum basic operations at non-essential businesses.


    1. Can I dine out?


    1. No. Restaurants and other facilities that prepare and serve food to the public are encouraged to stay open, but only to provide delivery and carryout. Patrons will not be permitted to dine or congregate in restaurants, bars, and similar establishments.


    1. Can I take my kids to Piedmont Parks and use the playgrounds?


    1. No. All Piedmont Parks are closed. Click here for up to date list of closures.


    1. What if my plumbing gets stopped up or there is another problem with necessary equipment at my home?


    1. The order allows service providers like plumbers, electricians, and exterminators and other service providers that are necessary to maintaining the habitability, sanitation, and operation of residences and Essential Businesses, but not for cosmetic or other purposes.


    1. Can my gardener continue to work?


    1. Landscaping/gardening/arborist services may continue only if they are necessary to maintain the habitability, sanitation, operation of a business or residence, or the safety of residents, employees, or the public (such as fire safety or tree trimming to prevent a dangerous condition), and not for cosmetic purposes or general upkeep. If your landscaping needs are necessary to protect safety and sanitation, please distance yourself least six feet from the landscaper. See

Building, Construction & Landscape Restrictions

    1. Am I allowed to go for a walk in a park in Piedmont?


    1. No. All Piedmont Parks are closed. You may take walks or walk your dog around town. Click here for up to date list of closures.


    1. Are non-profit organizations allowed to continue operating?


    1. If they provide essential services as described in the Order, then yes they can and should continue providing those services. This would include non-profit operating food pantries, providing housing for homeless residents, and many other critical services.


    1. Can I still order things online and have them delivered to my house?


    1. Yes. You will still be able to get mail and other deliveries at your home.


    1. Where can Piedmont Residents find services they need?

Stay Home. Save Lives. Check In.

    1. New campaign urging Californians to help combat social isolation and food insecurity among Californians who are over the age of 65—a community that is uniquely vulnerable to COVID-19. The Governor also announced the creation of a statewide hotline 1 (833) 544-2374 in coordination with the non-profit local 2-1-1 systems, so that Californians have a one-stop shop to answer their questions and get assistance during this crisis. This line is staffed by professionals 24/7.

Alameda County Resources 211

    1. Consider dialing 211 for Alameda County Resources. Dialing 211 helps direct callers to services for the elderly, the disabled, those who do not speak English, those with a personal crisis, and those who are new to their communities. If you get a voicemail due to high demand, leave a message and someone will call you back. You can also send a text message with your questions. Send a text to 898211 with your questions and zip code.

Alameda County Public Health Resources for the Community

Oakland At Risk Match

    1. They match you with a low-risk volunteer who lives in your community and wants to help you by getting groceries, picking up prescriptions, and checking in every couple of days. Piedmonters in need can sign-up on their site or call 1 (510) 306-4973.

Crisis Support Services of Alameda County

    1. If you or someone you know is struggling with difficult life circumstances or uncomfortable thoughts and emotions we are here to help. You do not need to be experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings to call. Trained crisis intervention counselors are available to receive crisis calls and give supportive counseling 24 hours a day, every day. Translation is available in more than 140 languages. We also offer teletype (TDD) services for deaf and hearing-impaired individuals. 1 (800) 273-8255


    1. How can I help my fellow Piedmonters in need?


    1. For those who are looking for ways to help in the community, here are organizations you can contact to help those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Oakland At Risk Match

    1. (510) 306-4973

Meals on Wheels

    1. (510) 777-9560

Mercy Brown Bag Program

    1. (510) 534-8540 ext. 369


      1. What if I have questions not answered here?

    The Alameda County Public Health Department has answers to more questions



Apr 3 2020
April 3, 2020
Dear PCA,
Thanks for your inquiry.  We appreciate the opportunity to address your questions, and our responses follow:
  • What is the School District doing to inform construction workers of requirements for social distancing and other COVID – 19 practices?

Overaa Construction, the District’s general contractor, issued detailed protocols to all workers for individual and community health and safety, posted information at each entrance to the job site, and provides reminders at each staff meeting.

At this phase of the STEAM project, workers are dispersed across the roof and the interior floors, and there is abundant space for proper distancing while working.  Workers wear personal protective equipment, including gloves, and avoid sharing equipment, tools, and other items. The jobsite is stocked at all times with hand sanitizer, hand soap, diluted bleach in spray bottles, paper towels, and disinfecting wipes, and workers regularly wipe down communal surfaces as well as tools and equipment.  Also, the jobsite trailers are now single-occupancy.

On April 2, it was brought to the District’s attention that several workers were on a break and congregating on Magnolia Avenue without proper social distancing.  Overaa’s foreman immediately halted all work and called an emergency meeting for all workers, spaced at least six feet apart from each other. The foreman again reviewed the protocols and told workers that there would be no warnings — that any failure to comply would result in immediate dismissal.  Overaa followed up with an email to all workers to reiterate the protocols and consequences for noncompliance.

Given the indefinite school closure, the District is enlarging the fenced area around the jobsite, to provide more space for workers to meet and have lunch and breaks outside.

The School District and Overaa are committed to keeping the workforce and jobsite healthy, and it is evident that the great majority of workers take these protocols seriously and earnestly comply.

  • What is the School District doing to enforce construction workers’ social distancing, smoking, and parking in the residential neighborhoods?

Enforcement of the health and safety protocols is addressed above.  In addition, security cameras at various locations on the jobsite make it possible for Overaa and the District to monitor compliance.

The District is not aware of any illegal parking by the workers.  With the closure of schools, most workers are parking in the School District’s Permit A spaces near the jobsite.  Those who do not park in Permit A spaces typically park at Zion Lutheran Church on Park Boulevard, and take a worker shuttle to and from the jobsite.  Workers have been instructed that, if they do park in neighborhoods, they must follow the posted restrictions. If you are aware of any illegal parking, please snap a photo and send it to us so we can follow up.

Similarly, the District is not aware of any illegal smoking by workers.  Smoking is not permitted on School District property and this rule is strictly enforced.  Nonetheless, smoking is legal elsewhere. If you are aware of problems, such as workers discarding cigarette butts, please snap a photo and send it to us so we can follow up.

  • Is the School District asking the Piedmont Police Department to enforce orders?

As noted above, Overaa will enforce the health and safety protocols with its workers.  The School District and Piedmont Police Department are in frequent communication about enforcing the shelter–in-place order, primarily concerning groups of people who trespass at Witter Field (which is closed) and do not follow social distancing directives.

  • While construction workers attend to their work tasks, are they wearing protective masks at all times?

The advice on masks is evolving quickly.  Each worker has an N95 mask but is not currently required to wear it at all times.  If public health mandates change, Overaa and the District will ensure full compliance.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have further questions.

Pete Palmer

PUSD, Director of Facilities/Construction Manager
Piedmont Unified School District
           760 Magnolia Avenue
           Piedmont, CA 94611    510-594-2877 office
Mar 27 2020

While Federal and State tax deadlines have been postponed to July 15,  Alameda County has not changed the tax payment deadline.

“The deadline to submit property tax payments without penalty remains April 10, a seemingly reluctant Alameda County Treasurer-Tax Collector Henry C. Levy said in an advisory on Friday that reminded residents only the state can legally change the due date.” Pleasanton Weekly

Read complete article here.

The Alameda County website states:

THE DEADLINE for the 2nd installment secured Property tax payment IS FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2020. Make your payments by phone, online (with e-check or credit card), or mail your check. We will honor the postmark date. Effective immediately we will not be taking in person payments.

Mar 26 2020

Click below to learn tax dates and other financial information based on government decisions.

Mar 24 2020

In response to the Shelter in Place Orders from the State of California and the County of Alameda, the City of Piedmont has extended the deadline for Commission and Committee applications until Friday, April 10th. This extension will allow residents who have been working to adjust their lives to shelter in place additional time to complete and submit applications to serve on city Commissions and Committees.

Interested residents may view the Commission Description of Duties, download the Application for Appointive Vacancy, and/or apply online on the City’s web site at

Applications are due to City Hall on or before the EXTENDED DEADLINE of Friday, April 10th .

Interviews with the City Council for these positions will be scheduled for a later date. Applicants will be notified of the interview date once it is set. No appointments will be made without a Council interview.

Links to information and forms are below:

Notice of Appointive Vacancies 2020

Commission Description of Duties 2020-02-14

Commission Application 2020 (Fillable)

2020-02-14 Volunteers for Commissions

Volunteers are needed on the following Commissions/Committees, and other positions:

Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee, CIP Review Committee, Civil Service Commission, Park Commission,  Planning Commission, Public Safety Committee, Recreation Commission, Mosquito Abatement Representative, Parking Hearing Officer. 

Contact: City Clerk John O. Tulloch (510) 420-3040

Mar 8 2020

CIP (Capital Improvement Projects) Review Committee –

Tuesday, March 10, 2020 – 7:00 p.m.

Emergency Operations Center, 403 Highland Avenue, Piedmont

Open to public participation.

— Agenda for March 10 Meeting —

Public Forum: This is an opportunity for members of the audience to speak on an item not on the agenda. The 10 minute period will be divided evenly between those wishing to address the Committee.

Regular Agenda

1. Review of Work Schedule for the CIP Review Committee for Fiscal Year 2020-2021

2. Presentation on Public Safety Facilities by the Fire Chief and Police Chief

3. Tour of Police Department and Fire Department Facilities 

Announcements, old business and consideration of future agenda item


CIP Review Committee

The CIP Review Committee makes recommendations to the City Council regarding the expenditure of the capital budget (construction, repair, or rehabilitation of city facilities).


  • Michael Henn
  • Susan Herrick
  • John Lenahan
  • Bobbe Stehr
  • Patty Siskind | Piedmont Beautification Foundation Representative
  • Jim Horner | Park Commission Representative
  • Conna McCarthy | Recreation Commission Representative

Council Liaison: Robert McBain | | (510) 420-3048

Staff Liaisons:

Chester Nakahara | | (510) 420-3061
Nancy Kent | | (510) 420-3064