Sep 19 2017

Recreation employee Terrance May was arrested and charged with Embezzlement and Grand Theft.

Between July 15 and August 28, 2017, the crime of Embezzlement was committed within the City of Piedmont.

Piedmont Recreation Department staff discovered unusual transactions and promptly notified the Piedmont Police Department of their observations. The Police Department immediately initiated an investigation and determined that the suspect, who was an employee of the Piedmont Recreation Center for the past four years, used a point of sale application on his mobile device to take payments from Recreation Center customers and transfer those funds into his own bank account. The total amount of funds taken was $15,830.00.

Extensive investigative follow-up, combined with evidence recovered from bank accounts, led to the arrest of Terrance May.

May was charged by the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office with one count of Embezzlement and two counts of Grand Theft.

May is currently out on bail.

Anyone with information and/or inquiries related to this case is asked to please contact Detective Willie Wright at (510) 420-3013.

Sep 19 2017

City of Piedmont Climate Action Plan Task Force

City of Piedmont
Climate Action Plan Task Force
Tuesday, September 26, 2017

6:30 p.m.
Emergency Operations Center
403 Highland Avenue, Piedmont, CA 

The meeting is open to the public, however the meeting will not be broadcast.


Order Roll Call

Call Public Forum This is an opportunity for members of the audience to speak on an item not on the agenda. The 10 minute period will be divided evenly between those wishing
to address the Task Force.

Regular Agenda
1. Presentation from Tom Kelly on East Bay Community Energy (30 minutes)
2. Report on Meeting Between the City and Piedmont Unified School District (30 minutes)
3. Consideration of the Establishment of an Outreach Sub-Committee (10 minutes)
4. Planning of Outreach and Public Workshop (30 minutes)
5. Update on Staffing Changes (10 minutes)
Materials related to an item on this agenda submitted to the Committee are available for public viewing and distribution.

Committee member names, staff and prior actions can be read > HERE.

Sep 18 2017

Suspect: TATIANA TIA, 20 years old, Sacramento resident

Location: 1900 block of Oakland Avenue

Date/Time: September 12, 2017 around 9:30 am

Charges: Identity theft (5 counts); possession of fraudulent driver licenses; possession of stolen property.

SYNOPSIS: Piedmont Police Officers responded to the 1900 block of Oakland Avenue after a concerned citizen reported a suspicious vehicle with Nevada license plates making several passes in the neighborhood. Police responded to the area, but did not locate the vehicle.

Utilizing Piedmont Police Department’s license plate reader system, the suspicious vehicle was identified and found to be a rental car. Officers continued to search the surrounding area and located the vehicle on Hardwick Avenue near Oakland Avenue. The vehicle was occupied by TATIANA TIA. TIA provided several false statements to police. Officers sought and were granted permission to search TIA’s vehicle and purse.

Found inside the purse were several fake California driver licenses, numerous credit cards in the names of five different individuals, and sales receipts from stores in Sacramento, Richmond, Oakland, and San Rafael. TIA was arrested and brought to the Piedmont Police Department.

Suspect later provided a statement to officers admitting to knowingly possessing and using the credit cards to purchase services and goods totaling over $10,000.00 since July of 2017.

With the assistance of investigators from the Sacramento Police Department and San Francisco Police Department, four out of the five identity theft victims have been identified and contacted.

TIA’s first court appearance in Alameda County is September 14, 2017. She has no prior arrests in Alameda County.

Piedmont Police Department – 403 Highland Avenue ▪ Piedmont, CA 94611 ▪ Phone (510) 420-3000 ▪ Fax (510) 420-1121

Sep 15 2017

Five antennas on utility poles, three antennas on street light poles, and one antenna on a new street light were proposed near Piedmont High School and Piedmont Park.  More information >HERE.

The public hearing on applications for Wireless Communication Facilities Permits and Variances submitted by Crown Castle NG West LLC and Beacon Development previously scheduled for September 5, 2017, has been scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Monday, October 2, 2017.  A new public notice will be given at least fourteen days in advance of the hearing. Applications and project plans received on September 8, 2017 have been posted to the Planning Department webpage.

This postponement is due to the applicants’ indication that they would submit revised applications and plans to the City prior to the original hearing date. Though these documents have not been submitted to date, there is not adequate time to analyze these plans or provide notice to the public prior to the originally scheduled hearing date.


Crown Castle and Beacon Development filed an application in November 2016 for nine Verizon distributed antenna system wireless communication facilities, located generally around Piedmont Park and Piedmont High School. Crown Castle is a company that builds wireless communications facilities and then leases them to wireless service providers, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon.

The project consists of five installations on the tops of existing utility poles, three installations on the tops of existing street light poles, and one installation on a new street light. The applicants have proposed that ground equipment related to the pole top antennas be located in underground vaults in the sidewalk. The proposal will require review by both the Park Commission and Planning Commission, as well as final approval from the City Council. Click to read more information about the application and the review process.

The Piedmont Park Commission and Planning Commission considered this application in June, and  a wireless Facilities Update facilities study session was held in August.

Sep 15 2017

See the Sweeping Schedule for your street > HERE.

On Monday, September 11th, the City of Piedmont began scheduled street sweeping for 2017-2018. Sweeping will now be conducted on the day after green waste, recycling, and trash are picked up for your home. It will be a three week cycle alternating between the odd and even numbered sides of the street, followed by a week of no sweeping.

One of the key elements of having an effective street sweeping program is for the residents to be aware of the schedule in advance so that they can relocate their cars and/or move the green waste, recycling, and trash cans to create free and clear access up to the curb. Since Piedmont relies on residents to move their vehicles, knowledge of the sweeping dates is essential. To help promote resident cooperation and knowledge, the Council approved linking the street sweeping schedule to the regular green waste, recycling, and trash pickup days. This should be a simple and systematic method to ensure that residents know when to move their vehicles.

The street sweeping schedule consists of three parts, all in a single document: 1. List of Pickup dates organized by street. (Pages 1-8) 2. Calendar showing which zones will be picked up on each day (Pages 9-10) 3. Street Sweeping Map, showing the zones and the days of the week for green waste, recycling, and trash pickup as well as street sweeping. (Page 11). The schedule is attached to this post and available on the City’s web site at:

For questions regarding the updated street sweeping schedule, please contact Director of Public Works Chester Nakahara at (510) 420-3050 or via email at

Sep 12 2017

On Monday, September 11, 2017, the four Piedmont City Councilmembers met and decided what the procedure would be to fill the Sept.5 vacancy resulting from Jeff Wieler’s resignation. As prescribed in the Piedmont City Charter, there are 24 days left until October 5, when the appointment is to be made by the Council. The schedule has now been set for filling the vacancy: applications, Council interviews of the applicants, consideration, and appointment by the Council.

The selection process is open to the public including Council interview sessions and meetings when candidates are considered by the Council. The Brown Act is in effect during the selection process meaning serial meetings between Councilmembers or a potential point person are not allowed.

 —–City Announcement dated 9/12/17 ——

City Soliciting Applications to Fill Council Vacancy – Deadline Wed. 9/27 at 5:00PM to submit an application.

Applications are available from the City Clerk’s Office and on the City website at

Application Period: Tuesday, September 12, 2017 through Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.

Applications must be returned to: City Clerk’s Office 120 Vista Avenue, Piedmont, California

Application Deadline: Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Piedmont will accept applications from qualified [Piedmont] voters for appointment to the City Council to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Councilmember Jeffrey Wieler, effective at 12:01 a.m. on September 5, 2017.

To be eligible to serve on the City Council, a person must meet three requirements. First, the person must be a qualified voter in the City [Piedmont]. Second, the person must not hold any other office or employment with the City. Third, due to the City Charter’s term limits provision, the person must not be a former Councilmember who served two successive full terms and left office in either 2014 or 2016.

The term of this Council seat is from the date of appointment until the results of the General Municipal Election of November 8, 2018 are certified, which likely will take place at the first Council meeting in December, 2018.

Original applications must be delivered to the City Clerk’s Office [120 Vista Avenue, Piedmont] by 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 27, 2017. Postmarks will not be accepted.

The City Council will interview candidates separately and each applicant will have the opportunity to present their qualifications and discuss their candidacy with the City Council.

At a Special Meeting of the City Council on October 2, 2017 and/or October 4, 2017 in the afternoon/evening, each applicant will be asked to make a brief presentation to the City Council.

The applicants may then be asked to respond to questions the City Council may have regarding their presentation or application. Applicants are requested to hold these dates available for interview.[October 2 and/or October 4]

An appointment will not be made without a Council interview.

The City Council may make an appointment at the special meeting or may direct staff to place the matter on a future agenda for action.

Upon appointment, the successful candidate will be required to complete and file a Form 700 Statement of Economic Interests [Financial Statement]. For more information on this requirement, please contact the City Clerk.  [420-3040 or 420-3041]

A fillable PDF version of the application is available at:

Residents using the electronic version are requested to fill out the application on their computer, print the completed application, sign it, and deliver it to the City Clerk’s Office. [120 Vista Avenue] Hard copies of the application are available from the City Clerk’s Office.

For more information on the application process, please contact City Clerk John O. Tulloch at (510) 420-3041 or

Being an unexpired term, qualified individuals can seek election to a full term position on the Council at the November 2018 General Election.  Additional information for applicants and interested individuals can be found in the > Piedmont City Charter.


Those wanting to communicate with Councilmembers about desirable qualities in applicants can reach Councilmembers at the following contact numbers.

Robert McBain, Mayor (510) 547-0597 2nd Term Exp. 11/20
Teddy Gray King, Vice Mayor (510) 450-0890 1st Term Exp. 11/18
Jennifer Cavenaugh (510) 428-1442 1st Term Exp. 11/20
Tim Rood (510) 239-7663 1st Term Exp. 11/18


Sep 12 2017

The Los Angeles Times article on former mayor and councilmember Jeff Wieler interview.

Read the article > HERE.

Sep 9 2017

The recent tragedies of Harvey, Irma, and wildfires remind Piedmonters – it is time to prepare for an emergency!  Piedmont’s close proximity to earthquake faults and potential raging wildfires are ongoing reasons to prepare. 

Click for preparation checklist HERE.

A booklet, GET READY, PIEDMONT! was prepared for all Piedmonters.  The booklet is online HERE.

Piedmont is fortunate to have its own Public Safety Committee appointed by the Piedmont City Council.  The Council charge to the Committee can be read HERE.

Roster of the Public Safety Committee

Council Liaison: Jen Cavenaugh (H) 428-1442

Chief of Police Jeremy Bowers (W) 420-3010
Fire Chief Bud McLaren (W) 420-3030

Andrea Swenson, School Board Appointee

Lori Elefant

Ryan Gilbert

Garrett Keating

Chris Houlder

Gina Scialabba

Lynne Wright


Additional information below:

Get Ready, Piedmont – Disaster Preparedness Brochure & Checklist

The Piedmont Public Safety Committee has prepared the Get Ready, Piedmont disaster preparedness guide. This document provides comprehensive information on preparation for and response to, earthquakes, fires, landslides, and other emergencies. The guide is 50 pages in length with checklists and illustrations on things like turning off utilities, food and water storage, first aid materials, seismic measures etc. This document is available by clicking here as well as on the Public Safety Committee and Fire Department pages of the site. Printed copies are available at the Fire Department.

Also available is the four page checklist which provides a ready reference on steps to take in the event of an earthquake or wildfire as well as general guidance on disaster preparedness and crime prevention. Printed copies are available at the Fire Department.

Sep 8 2017

What will the process be to fill the vacancy resulting from Jeff Wieler’s Piedmont City Council resignation ?

Wieler resigned effective September 5, 2017.  The Council must make an appointment within 30 days from the vacancy, which is October 5, 2017.

CITY CHARTER : (C) FILLING OF VACANCIES. A vacancy on the City Council shall be filled by appointment by the Council, with said appointee to hold office until the next general municipal election, when a successor shall be chosen by the electors for the unexpired term. If the Council does not fill such vacancy within thirty (30) days after the same occurs, then such vacancy shall be filled by the Mayor.

The City Administrator and Mayor changed their minds on when to meet to discuss how to fill the vacant council seat.

At the Sept. 5, 2017 Council meeting the City Administrator, Paul Benoit, stated the Council would undertake consideration of the process for the vacancy appointment on September 18 leaving only a little over 2 weeks (16 days) for the process of advertisement/notification, application, interviews, consideration, and appointment within the Charter limit of 30 days.

Some in the community speculated that the shortened time frame, two weeks rather than 4 weeks or 30 days, to make the appointment was a result of there being a favored candidate.  No candidate has been noticed as a preferred candidate.

The process being currently suggested by staff condenses the time allowed for applicants and their consideration. 

Update ( 9/10/17): The Special Council Meeting date of September 11 to determine the appointment selection process was set to accommodate the staffs’ ability to prepare a recommended selection process.  The Special Meeting date has been stated as not intended to favor any candidate. 

Staff report and recommendation is linked below:

The process selected for a prior vacancy appointment can be read HERE.

The Special Meeting is open to the public for public participation.  Interested candidates should find the meeting informative.  There will be no broadcast of the meeting. 

The agenda states:

City of Piedmont
Special City Council Agenda
Monday, September 11, 2017

7:30 p.m.

Emergency Operations Center

403 Highland Avenue, Piedmont [This venue does not lend itself to broadcasting.]

Call to Order Pledge of Allegiance
Special Session
1. Consideration of the Process for Filling the Council Seat Vacated by the Resignation of Councilmember Jeffrey Wieler

For further information, contact the City Clerk at 510/42o-3040.

Those wanting to comment on the process may send an email or emails to the Council as follows:

Robert McBain, Mayor (510) 547-0597 2nd Term Exp. 11/20
Teddy Gray King, Vice Mayor (510) 450-0890 1st Term Exp. 11/18
Jennifer Cavenaugh (510) 428-1442 1st Term Exp. 11/20
Tim Rood (510) 239-7663 1st Term Exp. 11/18
Sep 8 2017

Some residents have been surprised and disappointed to read the new garbage pickup rates proposed by Republic Services:  Curbside rates will go from $55.11 per month to $88.65 per month and “backyard” service from the current $61.08 to $131.43 per month.

Out of curiosity a Piedmont resident uncovered old waste collection bills from earlier decades. For curbside service in 1990, single family homes were billed $32.10 per three months, not per month!

All Piedmont property owners are required by law to pay for waste collection by the service provider chosen by the City. This also applies to residents who no longer generate any waste (whether green or solid) or recycling, due to their adoption of limited consumption, growing family food, composting their limited food scraps in an effort to lead a sustainable lifestyle.