Oct 9 2010

Beach Playfield and Linda Avenue Parking Changes Being Considered

Parking: Additional parking may be provided in the vicinity of the Beach Playfield by shortening some red zones.  A change may be made after the Piedmont Public Works Department completes its analysis of a recent speed survey.  Input and requests for a copy of the speed survey may be directed to our new Public Works Director, Chester Nakahara at  cnakahara@ci.piedmont.ca.us or (510) 420-3062.  Read More: Minutes of October 19, 2009, p. 3-4 discussion of Linda Avenue/Beach School traffic engineering design issues.

Use Restrictions: A hearing on the implementation of Beach Playfield use restrictions will be held in October or November.  Input and questions on these regulations (adopted on February 4, 2008) may be directed to the Director of Recreation, Mark Delventhal at mdelventhal@ci.piedmont.ca.us or (510) 420-3073.  Previous Hearing: 2008 public testimony on use restrictions – see p. 2-3.

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