Oct 9 2010

Parents Party Welcomes & Informs

Parents of children entering Piedmont schools for the first time this fall gathered at a party on La Salle Avenue on Wednesday, October 6, 2010. 

Chad Olcott, Dane Copeland and Kirsten Merit

The party was an opportunity to chat with parents at all schools about impressions and experiences.  The social evening included a brief program by Piedmont Educational Foundation Endowment Chair Doug Ireland, Piedmont High School Principal Randy Booker,  PUSD Science/Math teacher Terry Smith, parent Chad Olcott and Piedmont Unified School District Board Member Ray Gadbois.  The speakers described the goals, achievements and new ideas in the schools and parents’ organizations.  Each speaker mentioned the crucial role parents play in volunteering and funding that excellence.  Several urged parents not to resent the request for volunteer time and funds since those contributions are directly related to the quality of the schools. Doug Ireland noted that this year 57% of PUSD’s budget of $29 million comes from State and federal funding.  The remainder of funding comes from donations by parents of the 2500 students and the parcel tax which is paid by all property owners.   A $1,500 donation per family is suggested, although any amount is welcome and 100% participation is the aim.

Following the program, new parents mingled with the speakers, asking questions about classroom differentiation, Singapore math, science enrichment, arts programs, education budgets and more.  The party was sponsored by the Associated Parent Clubs of Piedmont schools and organized by Andrea Swenson, Chairperson of The Giving Campaign and Claudia Harrison, Giving Campaign New Parent Party Chair.

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