Oct 17 2010

Piedmont Swim Club Helps Out the Water Polo Team

The Piedmont Swim Clubhas announced that its entire facility will be closed to its members on the afternoon of Thursday, October 21, 2010 in order to provide extra pool time for the Piedmont High School water polo team, helping the team out of a jam.  Read the PSC’s  announcement:



Piedmont,California-October15,2010-Following the unexpected and indefinite closure of the Alameda High School pool by the Alameda County Department of Environmental Health,the Piedmont Swim Club board of directors voted today to close the Piedmont Swim Clubs entire facility to its members on the afternoon of Thursday,October 21 in order to allow the Piedmont High School water polo team to host a game that had been scheduled at Alameda.

After speaking to the Alameda water polo coach, Piedmont Swim Club General Manager Joe Perezindicated that a filtration problem was there as on for the Alameda pool’s closure. According to PHS water polo coach Brett Lane, the Alameda pool was closed for severeinfractions, and the Alameda pools will have to be assessed, and then voted on by the City as to whether to pay for the repairs.

In keeping with the Swim Clubs 46year history of donating free use of the facility to the Piedmont schools,there will be no charge to the Piedmont Unified School District for this or any other PUSD use of the Piedmont pool.The Piedmont schools use the pool approximately 780 hours each year, of which 376 hours are exclusive use when the facility is closed to members.

Use of the Swim Clubs main pool for water polo practices and games, as well as Piedmont High School swim team practices, requires that the medium and baby pools also be closed for safety reasons. PSC life guards, whose wages are paid by Swim Club member dues, are on hand to ensure compliance with the Swim Clubs rules and regulations whenever the facility is in use.

The Piedmont Swim Club funds and operates Piedmont’s community pool under a lease from the City of Piedmont that expires on June 30, 2011. The Swim Club promotes lifelong fitness and water safety;donates space for the adaptive and aquatics physical education programs

at the Piedmont schools; provides affordable,accessible,year-round and all-day fitness and recreational swimming opportunities to its members and their guests;provides weekly public swimming opportunities to all Piedmont residents; and provides practice and competition facilities to the Piedmont Swim Team and the high school swimming and water polo teams. The Swim Club also offers lessons to the broader community, local jobs for youth, special events and fun for the entire family.

Contact:  Tim Rood, Piedmont

Swim Club Board President

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