Dec 13 2010

Highlights from School Board Meeting – The Budget Shortfall

Summary of December 8th School Board Meeting item on the District Budget provided by June Monach, School Board Member:

Assistant Superintendent Michael Brady presented the 2010-11 First Interim Financial Report to the Board. Based upon the District’s recommendations and a clear understanding of the assumptions being made, the Board approved a positive certification of the report, which means the District will be able to meet its financial obligations for this fiscal year and the next two years *with implementation of at least $1.4 Million in expenditure reductions and/or revenue enhancements to be outlined and defined by the Second Interim Report – Editor’s Note. (Source: final recommendation at p. 7 of First Interim Report)

Superintendent Constance Hubbard and the Board expressed gratitude to the employee groups, staff, students, parents, and community members who are working together to address the projected cumulative shortfall over the next two years. Mr. Brady explained that the multi-year projections show that by 2012-13 the shortfall is anticipated to be approximately $3.9 million. The previously estimated shortfall was revised downward from $5 million due to an increase of over $400,000 in one-time federal stimulus funding and over $600,000 in presumed ongoing State revenues beginning next fiscal year.  Read More  . . .

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