Jan 2 2011

Swim Club, Labor Units Negotiations and Piedmont Building Code on Jan. 3 Agenda

The Piedmont City Council will meet in closed session with its negotiator on the subject of the the Swim Club lease and the City’s labor negotiations on January 3rd at 6:30pm in the Conference Room of City Hall.

The Council’s open session will include the first reading of the adoption of the 2010 California Building and Fire codes, which will alter Chapters 5 and 8 of the Piedmont Municipal Code.  (Read Proposed Municipal Code Amendments)

The proposed revisions include adoption of the California Green Building Standards Code without any amendments or alterations.  This code addresses energy, water and material use efficiency and conservation, and environmental quality. The staff report states “It applies only to the construction of new buildings.”   It includes residential, as well as commercial, construction; it does not require the retro-fitting of existing commercial buildings or residences.  The staff report does not note whether any remodeling projects may constitute a “new building”, nor provide an analysis of the new burdens or costs on Piedmont residents associated with these standards.

The Residential Mandatory Measures proposed for adoption may be found at page 13 of the 2010 California Green Building Standards Code.  Amendments must be based upon climatic, topographical or geological conditions. (Section 101.7).

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