Feb 1 2011

2 Hearings on Moraga Canyon Project in February

The Moraga Canyon Sports Fields Complex (also known as Blair Park) is on a fast track for review by the City’s commissions.  According to the January 5 Minutes of the Park Commission, the project is on the agenda of both the Park Commission and the Planning Commission in February.  The Park Commission hearing was originally scheduled for February 2, but was rescheduled for February 17, 2011 at 5:30 pm in the City Hall after the story poles are erected.  The Planning Commission hearing is scheduled for February 24 at 6:30pm.

The City has been busy preparing the site for consideration by the Park and Planning Commissions using surveyors to mark the site.  The City’s sewer crew and a commercial sewer company have also been busy cleaning a pipe running directly under the project site.  Once the surveyors have completed their measurements, story poles will be erected to define several aspects of the project.  Story poles do not represent excavation, retaining walls in a yet to be excavated area, tree removal, impervious surface areas, roads, driveways or parking lots.  Residents of the area and those traveling along Moraga Avenue in the project area can expect to see the story poles erected sometime near February 4.

Without the benefit of story poles, on January 19, 2011 following its hearing, the Recreation Commission unanimously approved a resolution advising the City Council to move ahead with the project based on various considerations noted in their motion.

Emails and letters may be sent to the Commissions through the staff contacts:

Park Commission: markfeldkamp@ci.piedmont.ca.us

Planning Commission: kateblack@ci.piedmont.ca.us

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