Feb 7 2011

Moraga Canyon Story Poles Postponed Again

January 21 was the original expected installation date for the Moraga Canyon sports fields story poles with verification by Moran Engineering scheduled for the week of January 24.  The City received an email on Friday, January 21 from the project proponents advising the poles would be up the following week.  Late on Monday, January 24, the proponents informed the City that the poles would be installed the first week of February.  The City rescheduled verification by Moran Engineering for the week of Monday, February 7 through Wednesday, February 9.

Story poles are intended to allow citizens to view the outlines of a proposed project.  Although story poles do not represent excavation, retaining walls in a yet to be excavated area, tree removal, impervious surface areas, roads, driveways or parking lots, they would have to represent the top and sides of the retaining walls that emerge from the excavated hill.

The Planning Commission’s special meeting solely for the review of the Moraga Canyon Sports Fields project was expected to be on February 24th. The meeting date will be confirmed with agenda posted and notices mailed if the story poles are verified by Moran Engineering no later than noon on Thursday, February 10.

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