Feb 9 2011

Citizens’ Advisory Committee Recommends Increase in Parcel Tax

On February 9, 2011 , the Citizens’ Advisory Committee will recommend to the Board of Education that the parcel tax be increased by the maximum possible amount of 5% for the year 2011-12 – but with 2 caveats.  The recommendation for a 5% increase is contingent upon the outcome of contracts currently being negotiated between the District and 3 district employee groups resulting in expense cuts rather than layoffs.  It is also contingent upon a portion of the funds being placed in a Parcel Tax Reserve Fund for later years to ensure a smoothing effect of revenues through the lifetime of parcel tax measures.  The Committee’s recommendation will be reviewed and may be revised once the terms of new employee contract terms are disclosed.  See full report at pages 1-8 of meeting packet (may take a moment to load).  The Board will discuss the recommendation at its February 9 meeting, at approximately 7:35 p.m. (estimated time only).

The Committee points out that employee compensation represents 90% of the district’s budget.  At the time the Emergency Parcel Tax was passed in June, 2009, cost-of-living increases were frozen, but “step and column”  increases, as well as benefits, continued.   Teachers receive step increases based on years of service, and column increases based on attaining various levels of education.

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