Feb 14 2011

Moraga Avenue/Blair Park Rally and Viewing

Piedmonters view story poles

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon a large group of Piedmont and Oakland residents gathered to rally under the flowering trees along Moraga Avenue in Moraga Canyon and view the proposed location of the proposed sports complex called Blair Park.  Those present found themselves in the midst of an area where no houses are visible because of screening by numerous mature trees.  Many present at the rally chanted and waved signs at passing cars, while others viewed the recently installed story poles.

An enthusiastic chorus gave evidence of the rally’s purpose – to thwart the proposed project. Various members of the Friends of Moraga Canyon, the organization formed to address project concerns, called out questions and the crowd replied with a refrain of “NO WAY” to each.

“Pave it over with astro turf?  NO WAY!!

Cut down the trees and into the hill?   NO WAY!!

Noise & pollution—more ev’ry day?   NO WAY!!

The birds and the creatures would flee for their lives!   NO WAY!!

Berms and retaining walls, 40 feet high?   NO WAY!!

A “gift” to us all?   NO WAY!!!!

Walkers and bikers—no safe way to go!   NO WAY!!

Lights in the canyon—no stars in the sky?  NO WAY!!

More fields in the canyon?     NO WAY!!

More cars in the canyon?   NO WAY!!!”

A “gift” to us all?   NO WAY!!!!”

There were homemade cookies and other treats for the gathering of parents, grandparents, children and dogs.

The next public hearing regarding the Moraga Canyon Sports Fields Project will be held by the Parks Commission on Thursday, February 17, 2011 at 5:30pm in the City Council Chambers, 120 Vista Avenue, Piedmont, CA.  The Planning Commission will then hold a hearing on February 24th at 6:30 p.m., same location.

February 12 Rally photos

Height of proposed construction next to Moraga Avenue

Story poles on hillside

Story poles tower above telephone poles

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