Mar 22 2011

Council Consideration of Moraga Canyon/ Blair Park Proposals

Monday, March 21, 2011 at 7:30 pm the Piedmont City Council will once more take up consideration of a proposal to develop Moraga Canyon/Blair Park into a multi-purpose sports complex.  According to the agenda and back up material for the meeting the Council is not scheduled to make a final decision on the project until its April 4, 2011 meeting.  See Public Notice, Agenda, Staff Report and Correspondence.

The Staff Report and correspondence for the upcoming meeting includes an enormous amount of documentation with detailed analysis of the projects.  Numerous letters have been written by residents from Piedmont and surrounding areas.  There is information from attorneys, the Audubon Society, soccer parents, petitioners, architects, proponents, City Commissions, and opponents.  All Moraga Canyon information posted on the City website may be found here.

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