Apr 13 2011

Piedmont’s Population Declines

The early, incomplete reports on the 2010 census show a decrease in Piedmont’s population from 10, 952 in 2000 to 10,667, a loss of 285 persons.  At the same time, Piedmont’s housing units increased from 3,859 to 3,924, but 123 were empty in 2010 compared with 55 in 2000.  The city has become more ethnically diverse since 2000.  More information will be available in the coming months.

One Response to “Piedmont’s Population Declines”

  1. I am curious to see what the projections for school age population may be. While many people have stated that more children are participating in sports, is the total youth population expected to grow? I though my children were in the largest bubble of youth. I look at the skate park – empty and unstaffed and wonder if Blair Park may become a vacant concrete monster as youth sports fads change. A few years ago water polo was the “it ” sport, now LaCross – so maybe track and cross country will rise up – then what?

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