Apr 24 2011

“Lessons Learned in Undergrounding” Forum on April 26th

The Piedmont Hills Undergrounding Project has been controversial and several studies have been undertaken.   Join the Piedmont League of Women Voters for a presentation from the members of the League’s Undergrounding Task Force on Tuesday, April 26 at 7:30 in the City Council Chambers at 120 Vista Avenue. A panel will discuss lessons learned from this project and a question and answer period will follow.  A second panel will look into civic engagement and how citizens can be a part of a continuing communitybuilding dialogue in our small but lively community.  The League is providing an opportunity for the community to give voice to concerns and remedies in an arena where diverse perspectives are welcome, each individual is treated with respect, and where we can look for common ground in an effort to sustain a robust community.

Editors Note: The Piedmont Civic Association (PCA) has undertaken extensive research and developed recommendations for the Piedmont Special Audit Committee.  Charter adherence and rules governing the use of public 20A funds were emphasized.   More about PCA’s recommendations:

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