Apr 24 2011

Man’s Best Friend is Ignoring Havens Playground Rules

Havens Elementary School’s new playground looks pristine, but there has been a problem with dogs using the artificial turf as a restroom and running area.  The Piedmont Unified School District recently installed some signs stating, “No Pets.”  Residents have continued to notice dogs on the turf and have called the Police Department to have the dogs removed, as instructed by signage at the field (see below), but have been informed the police department has no ability to enforce the “No Pets” signs on School property.

For the police to be able to enforce any signage, there must be an underlying City ordinance.  To date, an ordinance has not been enacted by the City Council.  This would require a request from the School District.





One Response to “Man’s Best Friend is Ignoring Havens Playground Rules”

  1. The police don’t enforce the no dogs off leash requirements at Linda Beach, a city field either. There is on off-leash park right across the street, but dogs are frequently off leash on the artificial turf. I’ve called the police only to be told they were “too busy” and I should call back later.

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