May 6 2011

Piedmont’s CIP Funds Will be Discussed May 10th

The Capital Improvement Projects Committee will be discussing staff proposals for 2011-12 capital improvement projects, the status of projects and a proposed work schedule on May 10. The meeting will be held in the City Conference Room at 120 Vista Avenue.  This meeting will not be video recorded nor televised. A staff report is now available at CIP-Agenda & Staff Report May 10, 2011The purpose of the CIP Fund has traditionally been to pay for large projects involving street paving, street lighting, sidewalks, fire plugs, gutters, and recreation facilities newly including the pools and turfed play fields, City buildings, etc. which enhance the infrastructure of Piedmont.

However, the CIP was significantly reduced in order to satisfy legal costs and an adverse judgment against the City associated with the private Hampton-Sea View Undergrounding District.   In addition, it was noted at the May 2, 2011 City Council hearing that the CIP fund may be used to pay future legal expenses associated with the construction of the Moraga Canyon Sports Facility, if any arise.

Piedmont’s CIP fund has been depleted to $573,000 as of June, 2011 from a balance of almost $3 million as of June, 2009.  (Budget p.6.)   No additions to the CIP fund are anticipated for 2011-12.  (Budget p.8.) For this reason, the usual solicitation to the public for CIP  ideas was canceled this year.


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