May 12 2011

Second Annual Green Garden Ramble Features Succulents, Edibles, Boulders, Chickens

PIEDMONT, CALIFORNIA (April 24, 2011) — Can a garden be both sustainable and stunning? Edible and elegant? Drought-tolerant and dramatic? Visitors to the gardens on the Piedmont Green Garden Ramble will see eight examples of the beauty of green gardening, as well as a local school’s edible and butterfly habitat gardens. The free, self-guided tour, on June 4 from 9:00 am to 12 noon, is sponsored by Piedmont CONNECT, a community group supporting local efforts toward environmental sustainability.

The Ramble will highlight a variety of approaches to creating gardens that regenerate the environment while serving as welcoming retreats. Many of the gardens have completely replaced lawns with low-water California native and other Mediterranean-climate plants that attract beneficial insects and pollinators. Some create exciting visual interest with boulders, recycled furniture and found objects. Others have exuberant edible gardens. And one has a friendly flock of chickens.

The edible and butterfly habitat gardens at Havens Elementary School will also be a stop on the tour, where visitors will see how vegetable gardening can be squeezed into limited space by including the use of containers.  Members of the Piedmont Middle School’s Green Team will be on hand, displaying a bee hive, water catchment resources, lawn conversion ideas and “salad table” building instructions, as well as sharing their creative reuse projects.

Registration for the Green Garden Ramble is at through June 1.

Piedmont CONNECT is dedicated to building an environmentally sustainable future in Piedmont by providing a forum for people to share ideas and find ways to collaborate. More information on future garden events and other green endeavors can be found at





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