May 13 2011

CIP Committee offers Public Tour of 801 Magnolia on May 16th

The  Piedmont Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Review Committee will be touring the “education wing” of the former Christian Science Church building at 801 Magnolia on Monday, May 16, 2011.   The tour will begin at 6:30 p.m. in front of City Hall.  It is open to the public.

Staff has proposed the education wing of 801 Magnolia Avenue become a childcare facility.  This may include moving programs out of the Recreation Department location at 358 Hillside Avenue, allowing staff to expand its offices.  Other uses for the space raised by Piedmont residents and mentioned in the General Plan Survey have not been proposed by staff.

The CIP Committee is charged with, “Develop(ing) procedures for encouraging and seeking citizen input into the capital budget process.”  However, due to limited funding no public input was solicited this year.  A list of pending projects and highlights from staff’s “wish list” of proposals from the CIP staff report are provided below.

Following the tour, the CIP committee will review the draft CIP priority list and its  CIP recommendations.  These recommendations will be considered by the City Council at 9:00 am on Saturday, May 21, 2011 in the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) of the Police Department.   It will not be videotaped.

The CIP fund represents the largest amount of discretionary spending by the Piedmont City Council.  Due to CIP funding being utilized to satisfy Piedmont Hills undergrounding cost overruns, the CIP budget has been reduced.  It is now $573,000.  New funding is not anticipated for 2011-12.

Pending Projects:

Community Pool Deferred $600,000 This CIP budget category is a savings account for possible future improvements and renovation for the Piedmont Community Pool which is now under the management of the City of Piedmont.

Havens Athletic Field Spend $1,200,000 Funding for this project to be over a three-year time period. The City has promised a total of $1,200,000 for this project with $1,050,000 coming from CIP funds and $150,000 from schoolmates. All funds will be spent.  (Remaining Balance $489,990)

Coaches Field Improvements Savings Account Spend $653,575 This savings account is for the installation of field turf and lighting at Coach’s Field.

Moraga Canyon Sport Facility (Blair Park) Spend $148,168 This CIP budget category is an on-going account for costs ass0ciated with the EIR process for the  Moraga Canyon Sports Facilities Project.  (Remaining Balance $52,822.29)

Staff’s “Wish List” of Proposals (selected, non-prioritized highlights)

RENOVATION OF EDUCATION WING AT 801 MAGNOLIA $150,000 to S175,000 This would include design development, drawings and construction costs. This area would be used for Piedmont’s preschool programs.

DRACENA QUARRY STAGE $40,000 Install a new stage and sound system at the quarry. The stage would serve a multi -function role as a stage and a seating area. The stage would be designed out of natural rock and boulders to blend into the existing surroundings. The stage would be used for small events.

RECREATION CENTER, CHILDREN PLAY AREA REPLACEMENT  $150,000 to S200,000 Installation of a new play structure at the Recreation Center. Existing equipment was installed in 1985 and is in need of renovation.

NEW ARBOR STRUCTURE & PLAY EQUIPMENT AT LINDA BEACH TOT LOT  $150,000 The existing play equipment is in need of replacement. The play area is very hot in the summer and a shade structure and new seating area is needed for the parents watching their children.

MASTER PLAN FOR HIGHLAND AVENUE MEDIAN LANDSCAPE Develop a master plan for the creation 0f a landscaped median in the center of Highland Avenue extending from Park Way to Vista Avenue.

MASTER PLAN FOR VERANDA AT THE REAR OF THE COMMUNITY HALL  $50,000 to $60,000 Develop architectural design development drawings portraying a new veranda off the rear of the Community Hall. The veranda would be designed to blend seamlessly with the existing Mediterranean architecture of the historic Community Hall. The project would allow for the rear French doors to be opened adding valuable space for large gatherings and cross ventilation. The veranda would allow for beautiful views through the redwoods down Bushy Dell Creek.

MASTER PLAN FOR RENOVATION OF THE LOWER FLOOR OF THE COMMUNITY HALL & ADDITION OF STAIRWAY $60,000 to $70,000 This would include design development drawing for the complete renovation of the lower floor of the Community Hall into a bar and entertaining area. This would also include the addition of a new stairway access from the upper and lower floor. The new stairway would be located in the room to the left of the stage area.

INSTALLATION OF NEW COURTYARD WALL AT CITY HALL FRONT NEXT TO COURTYARD  $ 15,000 to $20,000 The existing stucco wall at the City Hall front courtyard is dilapidated and needs to be removed and replaced with a new wooden wall that is 6 ft. in height.

PIEDMONT PARK DESIGN FUND $60,000 Develop a design plan for the renovation of the Community Hall Plaza. The project would include new improvements at the overlook area, extension of a new lighted walkway between the Community Hall and Excedra and the installation of new pavement in the Community Hall Plaza Area. The existing washed aggregate pavement in the plaza is cracked and worn and is in need of replacement. This would be the final phase of the Piedmont Park Improvements.

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