May 20 2011

Councilman Keating Comments on Coaches Field Alternative

The alternative plans for Moraga Canyon can be reviewed on the city website:

Another plan can be obtained from the Recreation Department – this is the EIR for Coaches Field which found no significant impacts from the development of regulation soccer and baseball fields and relocation of the Corporation Yard to Blair Park.  That plan was not implemented, but its design for Coaches Field shows how that site can be modified to accommodate the large soccer field/baseball field proposed for Blair Park.   Just like Blair Park, the Coaches EIR identified a need to get pedestrians safely across Moraga Avenue so traffic analyses currently being prepared for Blair Park can likely be used to complete the Coaches EIR.

Environmental impact, aesthetics and construction costs aside, Ms. Peters does identify two keys differences between the proposals that bear on the costs to the city of Moraga Canyon development.  One is underground infrastructure. The Blair proposal requires relocation of private and city sewer and water lines and the construction of underground storage vaults to store storm water runoff. The construction and operation costs of this infrastructure has not been determined (sic).   The Coaches proposal does not require this infrastructure. Likewise, the city takes on the liability of earthquake and other damage to this infrastructure and potentially to the private residences above Blair Park. The Coaches proposal has virtually none of this liability.

A special meeting for a final decision on the design for the Moraga Canyons Sports Fields project has been scheduled for Tuesday, June 14 in City Hall.

Editor’s Note: Councilman Keating’s comment is in response to a question regarding publication of alternative plans for Coaches Field and Blair Park.  Read original post and comments at: Opinion: Working Together on a Plan to Enlarge Coaches Field

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