Jul 24 2011

Opinion on Khan Academy Spurs Piedmont Educational Interest

comfy couchFollowing publication on this site of the Opinion: A New Educational Resource for Piedmont Kids?, Mary Kelly, former vice President and incoming President of the Piedmont Middle School Parents Club noted, “I am using my role as president, and the access to the administration it gives me, to focus on the issue of making sure that PUSD has a successful process for pulling in valuable new ideas.”  As a beginning, she has communicated with the PUSD administration regarding a presentation on the Khan Academy.  She is suggesting that PUSD professional educators take a look at the free Math, Physics, and History YouTube videos and computer-supported exercises, as part of the District’s efforts for continuous improvement.

The Khan Academy provides free instruction on a myriad of subjects to anyone with Internet access.  Currently, a million students each month use the site and during the past year the Los Altos, California School District incorporated the Khan videos into the 5th and 7th grade curricula.

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  1. Great Idea. Did you see this YouTube clip with Bill Gates – about what Khan is doing to help Mountain View schools?


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