Aug 12 2011

Street Paving Slows Local Traffic

On Monday morning August 8, there was a delay of up to 10 minutes leaving Piedmont on westbound Moraga due to street paving work in progress.  There will be delays on other streets at certain hours until work is completed on Friday, August 19.

The following streets will have paving work this month:

  • Moraga Avenue between Monticello and Pala Avenues
  • Sea View Avenue between Mountain Avenue and Hampton Road
  • Bonita Avenue between Oakland and Magnolia Avenues
  • Hillside Avenue between Oakland and Magnolia Avenues
  • Magnolia Avenue between Hillside and Highland Avenues

There will be posted traffic control signs, restrictions, and flagman. Drivers are urged to proceed slowly and carefully through these areas. Residents who live on these streets will be able drive to their homes ONLY when the traffic control personnel deem it to be safe for passage, or the construction activity has ended for the day. “No Parking” signs and restricted hours will be posted in the repaving zones. If vehicles are left on the street during the posted restricted times, the vehicle may be towed and impounded by the Piedmont Police Department. There will be large trucks and the equipment will generate considerable noise. Residents are asked to cooperate with all postings and instructions.

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