Aug 21 2011

Undergrounding Sub-committee: New Comments from Members and Residents

“Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems that the Committee has missed the forest for the trees. The only questions I’m interested in hearing an answer to is whether anyone on the council asked “What happens if there is a cost overrun?“ and, if there is, “Who is going to pay for it?”.  The Council should never have approved a project for private benefit if there was a risk of the public having to pay for it  . . .”

Correspondence has been submitted to the Audit Sub-committee by Sanford H. (“Sandy”) Margolin (excerpted above), Neil Teixeira, Joe Hurwich, and Rick Schiller, members of the community who have followed the Sub-committee’s work and are displeased with the results of the investigation.  Rick Schiller points out a list of items omitted in the draft report and concludes the Committee’s work is a self-examination by two Council members and requires an independent audit to appropriately investigate the matter.  See all correspondence for 8.23.11 meeting.

In preparation for the Undergrounding Audit Sub-committee meeting on August 23, two members of the Committee, Vice Mayor John Chiang and Judge Ken Kawaichi, have made suggested edits to the final draft report.  These potential changes, recently released to the public, will be discussed at the August 23 meeting by the Committee.

The public will have an opportunity to provide input to the Sub-committee at the August 23 meeting starting at 7:30 p.m. in City Hall.  The meeting will be televised via KCOM and live internet streaming.

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