Aug 31 2011

Piedmont School Board News – August 24, 2011

  • STAR Test results for 2011
  • Budget updates
  • Construction Update:  applying for more funding
  • Interdistrict transfer policy and regulations based on Open Enrollment Act
  • Margaret Ovenden and Mark Aikawa appointed to the Citizens’ Oversight Committee
  • Renewal of Superintendent Hubbard’s contract through 2013-14
  • Board of Education Election coming up February 17, 2012

And more – read the full report from June Monach

Highlights prepared by June Monach, School Board Trustee

Start of a New School Year – Thanks to the hundreds of staff members and helping hands who worked feverishly to get ready; the first day of school was fantastic for students, teachers, support staff, and parents. Superintendent Constance Hubbard and Board President Roy Tolles thanked everyone for their energy, enthusiasm, and eagerness to return to school ready to reconnect and learn. Superintendent Hubbard noted, “I could not have been prouder of the teachers, kids, and atmosphere of respect. It is one of the best openings I can remember!”


Upcoming Events – The next few weeks are chalk full of community building activities.

Sun Aug 28 3 pm Opening of the Piedmont Center for the Arts 801 Magnolia Ave
Sun Aug 28 4 pm Wildwood Elementary School Open House 301 Wildwood Ave
Thurs Sep 8 7 pm Piedmont LWV Civic Involvement Panel City Hall


Every 15 Minutes is a powerful “Drinking & Driving Prevention Program” that is organized and presented in many high schools throughout the nation. Thanks to Co-Chairs Kim Hebert and Alexandra Manolis, the Wellness Center, the MHS and PHS staff, over 100 parent volunteers, 35 students and their families, and financial support from the City, Parents’ Clubs, Piedmont Parents Network, Boosters, the CA Highway Patrol and the Office of Traffic Safety for bringing this program back to our community and challenging young and old alike to think about drinking, driving, personal safety, the responsibility of making mature decisions and the impact their decisions have on family, friends, and many others. Learn more about the program.


Budget Update – The Board adopted the 2011-12 budget on June 22, 2011, and the State adopted its budget by the June 30th deadline. According to Assistant Superintendent for Business Services Michael Brady, “The Revised Budget is virtually identical to the Adopted Budget that the Board approved in June, with the notable exception of a transfer of $244,350 to the School Parcel Tax Reserve Fund.” Mid-year cuts by the State are still a possibility, since State revenue targets incorporated into the State budget may not be realized. Even if this occurs, PUSD has built a sufficient reserve to address this possibility. To see specifically how the Adopted Budget compares to the Revised Budget go to pp 1 – 4.


Seismic Safety Construction Update – According to Assistant Superintendent Brady,California State Senator Ellen Corbett who pledged to review the State’s oversight of school building projects and to examine why only three schools (of which PHS is one) out of thousands in the State in need of seismic upgrades had gained access to $200 million in State funds for seismic repairs, has been instrumental in moving the State to increase accessibility to Prop 1D funds for seismic rehabilitation. As a result, the District’s architecture and engineering team believes the Havens Kindergarten wing from the former site qualifies for additional State funding. The Board unanimously approved a $34,400 fee proposal for murakami/Nelson Artchitects to develop a report to qualify the District for approximately $2.7 million in additional State funding. See pp 5 – 7 for details of the proposal.

Learn more about the building criteria changes that have been approved by the State Allocation Board.


Board Certifies Competence of PUSD Administrators – Superintendent Hubbard reviewed this annual certification and noted that instruction and student learning is a priority in our District intended to advance our mission of “developing independent learners who are responsible, competent, and intellectually curious with a strong sense of community.” This certification is important in that school principals, directors, and district administrators serve as educational leaders in our community. Over the past two years District administrators have been emphasizing the process of self-reflection and professional growth. According to Superintendent Hubbard, “We are working in concert with the Evaluation Committee in the implementation of the new evaluation system being piloted this year.” She noted that with the new system, we are committed to being in the classrooms “so that all educational leaders develop a shared understanding of high quality instruction and how to best support it.” The Board unanimously approved this important certification.


Board Approves Superintendent’s Contract – Based upon a very favorable performance evaluation, there was unanimous support on the Board to enter into an employment contract with Superintendent Hubbard, extending her term of service with the District through 2013-14. Board President Tolles reviewed the basis for the recommendation to approve the contract including successful implementation of the District’s goals and action plan, and strong leadership in fostering a student-centered culture of continuous growth. He also thanked the Superintendent for agreeing to a cap on health benefits and less pay equivalent to furlough day reductions taken by all certificated staff. The revised contract is available upon request from the Superintendent’s Office.


Updates to Board Policy on the District’s Philosophy – The Board reviewed and unanimously approved this section of the Board Policy which now includes the District’s mission, vision themes, beliefs, and commitments. The mission and belief statements were developed during the strategic planning process in 1997-98. The vision themes were developed during the long-range planning process in 2010, and the commitments synthesize the work of the Board and the Diversity and Respect Task Force from this past year. See pp 10-11 for details.


Interdistrict Attendance | Revised Board Policy & New Administrative Regulations   Based on new California regulations, districts throughout the State are adding language to their local administrative regulations on interdistrict attendance that establishes a process for students attending a school designated by the State as a low performing school, to be able to submit an application for enrollment in a higher performing school in another school district. Board Vice President Rick Raushenbush noted, “The intent of the Open Enrollment Act is laudable” in that it offers students opportunities and access to a better education in schools that have available capacity. The Board supported the proposed revision to the Board Policy adding that, “interdistrict transfer students be subject to the same rules and standards that apply to pupils who reside in the school district of enrollment.” See pp 12 – 16 for details.


New Appointments to the Seismic Safety Bond Program Citizens’ Oversight Committee  – The Board approved the appointment of two new members, parents and community members Margaret Ovenden and Mark Aikawa. The positions are for a two-year term and will begin in the Fall 2011. Information on the charge and structure of the committee.



Educational Services Report: Spotlight on Student Learning –  Assistant Superintendent Randall Booker introduced this new agenda item that will be a part of every Board meeting. In order to showcase our District’s commitment to teaching and learning, this agenda item will serve as a platform for information and recognition of the District’s instructional priorities and academic success. Assistant Superintendent Booker shared his thoughts about opening day in our school district as well as the 2011 STAR Exam results. He expressed his delight in seeing Kindergarten students and their families arrive on the first day of school. Assistant Superintendent Booker provided a quick recap of the 2011 STAR results, arriving in students’ mailboxes now. He encouraged parents to review both pages of the report, especially page 2, which “gives you a better idea of how your child is performing in specific content areas.” This year’s results are very similar to previous years. 82% to 89% of Piedmont students performed at proficient or advanced proficient levels in Math, History, English Language Arts, and Science. Detailed STAR TEST results. See KCOM coverage of the Board Meeting, August 24, 2011 and watching Agenda Item VIII. A. Educational Services Report.


February 7, 2012 Municipal Election – Superintendent Hubbard shared the election timeline for any community member interested in becoming a member of the Board of Education. Monday, October 17, 2011 is the date when forms from the City Clerk’s Office will first become available.  Community members interested in running for office are invited to attend the Piedmont LWV “Civic Involvement” panel discussion on September 8, 2011 to learn more about what the job entails. A copy of the calendar is on pp 17 – 19 at:




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