Oct 5 2011

What’s Happening at City Hall This Month

Monday October 10  Planning Commission   5:00 pm Chambers

Thursday October 13  Public Safety Committee  5:30 pm Chambers

The committee launched an email alert system to inform citizens of public safety emergencies in the City.  A report is expected on the level of participation by citizens.  The current effort is to enroll more citizens through a link on the Piedmont Unified School District online registration page.

Monday October 17  City Council     7:30 pm Chambers

A financial report of the City’s Community Pool revenue and expenses through September 30 will be presented to the City Council.

Wednesday October 19  Recreation Commission  7:30 pm Chambers

Wednesday October 26 Police & Fire Pension Board  4:00 pm Chambers

Agendas for meetings are posted in City Hall and the Piedmont Police Department at least 72 hours prior to each meeting.   Copies of all agendas may be requested from the office of the City Clerk, 120 Vista Avenue, or by calling  510-420-3040.  Notice and agendas of special meetings are  provided at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting via e-mail.  Information is available on the City website.

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