Oct 20 2011

ALERT: Piedmont Police Advise No Gold Jewelry in Public

Thieves Robbing Piedmont Residents on the Street

The Piedmont Police Department is advising citizens not to wear gold-colored jewelry in public. The City of Piedmont has recorded two strong-arm robberies in a three-day period where the victims gold-colored jewelery was targeted.  

These robberies occurred in different parts of Piedmont (Oakland Avenue near Sunnyside Avenue and St. James Drive near Cambrian Avenue).  With the price of gold at record highs, it is anticipated that gold will be a favorite target of thieves for some time to come.  If you wish to wear gold-colored jewelery for an event, we suggest you keep it out of sight until you reach your destination. 

One Response to “ALERT: Piedmont Police Advise No Gold Jewelry in Public”

  1. Wouldn’t having some police cars patrol the edges of Piedmont more frequently be a better option than asking us to not wear or carry certain things?

    Seems like a lot of activity near Oakland Avenue, Moraga, Park Blvd and other perimeter and arterial streets. Getting police out and visible every couple of hours would help deter crime and also cut down on speeding.

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