Oct 29 2011

School Board News – October 26, 2011

Highlights from the October 26, 2011 School Board Meeting

Report provided by the Piedmont Unified School DistrictSecondary School Plans for Student Achievement – School Site Councils, comprised of parents, teachers, administrators support staff, and students, are a great place in our school district for delving into curriculum and school climate issues. Each year the Site Councils are responsible for developing goals and action plans to support every student’s academic and social development growth in our schools. Piedmont High School has broadened its work to include a multi-year plan to address student needs, as the school is in the midst of the Western Association of Schools & Colleges accreditation process (WASC).

All three schools are conducting a review of the World Language curriculum. In addition, all are using assessment information and data to inform their work. The Board complimented the schools and their respective Site Councils for their hard work and progress. All three plans were unanimously approved.

PMS – http://www.piedmont.k12.ca.us/aboutpusd/agenda.minutes/SPSA_PMS_2011.pdf
MHS – http://www.piedmont.k12.ca.us/aboutpusd/agenda.minutes/SPSA_MHS_2011.pdf
PHS – http://www.piedmont.k12.ca.us/aboutpusd/agenda.minutes/SPSA_PHS_2011.pdf

Spotlight on Student Learning – Assistant Superintendent Randall Booker showcased PHS’s Biotechnology class, which along with the Journalism, Environmental Studies, Music Theory, and Sports Medicine classes, are funded by the State’s Regional Occupation Program (ROP). Funds from the ROP program are intended to bring relevance to a student’s studies by connecting them to real world applications and exposing them to industry experts in the field. Listen to the report and stay tuned when students come to the podium to convey their enthusiasm for working in the high school biotech lab.  Go to the following link and click on KCOM and the Oct 26 School Board Meeting, Agenda Item VII. A. Educational Services Report

Assistant Superintendent Booker also reported on the improvements gleaned from the October Emergency Disaster Drill. The drill was followed later that afternoon by an earthquake on the nearby Hayward Fault, bringing to light the importance of practicing what to do in the event of a major earthquake. In such an emergency, the District Office plays a central communications role in ensuring the safety of all people in our school facilities.

Completion of Wildwood Construction Project – The Board unanimously approved changes to the Gross Maximum Price (GMP) for the retrofitting of Wildwood Elementary School. The final GMP was increased to $5,275,850, incorporating a final change order of approximately $148,000 for unforeseen conditions or conditions not on the original plans, and value added items vetted by the construction and project management teams.

Seismic Safety Construction Program Updates – Assistant Superintendent Michael Brady announced that a major milestone has been reached in the construction program, thanks to the recent sale of $1.8 billion in State bonds, of which $1 billion will be designated for school construction projects. What this means for Piedmont is that at least $6 million and up to $8 million may be deposited in the District’s account by the end of December. Recall that the Board made a decision last spring to start Beach, dividing the project into two phases.

Phase One will address all structural and modernization work of the school
building. Phase Two will address site work on the campus outside of the building. With this news, we are confident that Phase One of Beach will be completed by next fall.

We will know in early December if an additional $2 million will be released. If that happens, both phases of Beach will be addressed and successful completion of the PUSD Seismic Safety Program will be achieved by the start of school next year! The Board extended kudos and thanks to the entire project and consulting teams.

February 7, 2012 Municipal Election – Superintendent Hubbard shared the election timeline for any community member interested in becoming a member of the Board of Education. The filing deadline for citizens interested in running for office is Monday, November 14, 2011. See pp 11-13.

Upcoming Meetings – Superintendent Hubbard and Board President Tolles informed the public of the following meeting:

 Tuesday Nov 1, 7-9 pm Special Board Meeting on Inter-district Transfer Policy: Review and consider ramifications of relaxing policy to allow grandchildren of grandparents who live in Piedmont to enroll in Piedmont schools; review potential impact of the Romero Bill and Open Enrollment Act at City Hall.

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