Oct 29 2011

School District Releases Interdistrict Stats

Numbers of Non-Resident Students in Piedmont Schools

The Piedmont School District has released statistics on existing inter-district students in anticipation of a November 1, 2011 review of its administrative regulations regarding inter-district transfers, including grandchildren of residents.

See Presentation on Interdistrict Transfers.  See school administrative regulations on  Non-Romero Interdistrict Transfers and Romero Interdistrict transfers.

2011-2012 Statistics

Total Transfer Students   190

  • District Employees 131
  • City Employees 9 (14 slots reserved)
  • Seniors 4
  • Romero Bill 0
  • Safety 3
  • Millennium High School 36
  • SELPA Placement 1
  • Calvert Court 4
  • Building Home 2

Discussion points regarding grandchildren:

  • Definition of “Grandparent”
  • Property owner? Also resident?
  • Duration of residency? Proof of residency?
  • Definition of “Grandchild”
  • Prior history?
  • Blended families? Legally and non-legally binding relationships?

Current Non-Romero Inter-district Transfer Categories

  • Children of PUSD employees must be employed 40% of full-time, or para-educator for 10 hours per week
  • Children of full-time Piedmont city government employees
  • Residents of Calvert Court (due to ingress/egress only through Piedmont)
  • Residences on approved split-parcel properties
  • Millennium High School

Employment-Based Transfers (Allen Bill) (PUSD does not include all Allen Bill transfers under current Board Policy)

  • Student may be deemed a resident if one parent/guardian is physically employed within boundaries of the District.  As of January 1, 2012: Employment must be at least 10 hours during school week.  Ed Code 48204 

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