Nov 8 2011

Piedmont Crime Is Up in 2011

Burglaries doubled in past year

Comparing the reported crime rates for January 1 through September 30, 2011 with the 2010 nine-month report, the biggest change is in the number of burglaries in Piedmont.  Burglaries more than doubled from 27 in 2010 to 68 in 2011.  Motor vehicle thefts increased from 21 to 30 and other thefts increased slightly from 108 to 117.  There were 31 incidents of vandalism.

The discrepancy between the numbers on the 2011 chart (below) and the 2011 map showing the location of the crimes was noted by the City Council.  The Police chief explained the different definitions and categories used by varying jurisdictions explained the variations.


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