Nov 15 2011

PCA Candidates Forum November 29th Format

The Piedmont Civic Association Candidates Forum will be on Tuesday, November 29, in the Piedmont City Council Chambers, from 7 to 9 p.m.  This is a non-partisan, informational event. PCA does not endorse candidates.

PCA has provided the following information on the format to all candidates.

  • Brief introduction to the Forum by PCA (3 minutes)
  • The School Board Panel will be followed by the City Council panel
  • Each candidate introduces himself/herself at the start of their panel (2 minutes each)

Moderator Questions

  • 3-4 questions will be presented by the moderator to the panel
  •  2 minutes for each candidate to respond to each question
  • 1 minute for followup from each candidate after initial round of responses
  • Additional questions will be presented by the moderator from the audience as time allows
  • Depending on time, PCA also may allow home viewers to ask questions of the candidates via email. These questions will be written out and given to the moderator to address to the candidates.


  • Each candidate will be alerted to remaining time via large “30 seconds remaining”, and “Thank You” cards

Notes and Materials

  • Candidates may refer to notes and materials they bring with them, but no computers

The audience will be instructed not to applaud during any part of the questions and answers.  At the conclusion of the forum, all candidates, the audience, at-home voters and voters will be thanked for their participation and for their attention to the electoral process.  The League of Women Voters Candidate Forum, which takes place in January, will be announced.

We look forward to providing an informative forum, and we look forward to the participation of all candidates.  A seat and placard with each candidate’s name on it will be provided whether or not they are present.  The forum will be simulcast through the City’s website and by KCOM, with frequent repeats.  In addition, the video will be posted on the PCA website so that voters have ample opportunity to learn about the candidates before they vote.

Thank you,  

Piedmont Civic Association

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