Nov 26 2011

Response to Letter in Piedmont Post

The following letter is in response to a letter by Josh Bernstein published in the November 23, 2011 edition of the Piedmont Post.

Dear Mr. Bernstein:

The perpetuation of misinformation is always unfortunate.

Your recent letter suggested the moderator for the Piedmont Civic Association forum, which was scheduled for November 29, endorsed a candidate, without pointing out that the listing was in error.  No such endorsement occurred.

Information on this error was available and sent to the Piedmont Post prior to the print deadline of your letter.  In fact, the error was acknowledged in a “Viewpoint” piece published on the same page as your letter.  It is unfortunate that the misinformation in your letter was not clarified, either by you or the Post editor, prior to publication.

For the record, the following explanation was posted on the candidate’s website where you may have seen the erroneous listing:

As a sitting judge, Superior Court Judge Andrew Y. S. Cheng is not allowed to endorse non-judicial candidates, and he did not, in fact, intend to endorse any candidate at any time. Due to an error, his name was listed next to his wife’s on this website for a short period of time in September and was immediately removed when he became aware of it and notified us. Unfortunately, Judge Cheng’s name continued to appear on this campaign’s listing in a separate directory of candidate websites, which is not monitored or maintained by this campaign. When it was brought to our attention, his name was immediately removed from this other site as well. I take full responsibility for the error and regret any confusion caused by it. Posted on 21 Nov 2011, 14:23

Working with fact, rather than rumor, is preferable when you “sniff” and a prerequisite to impugning the reputations of fellow Piedmont neighbors in print.   Please read the actual facts of the matter here.

As a final note, with over 5,000 page views of the PCA website in the last 30 days, the characterization of PCA as an “obscure” website is not only uncalled for, but inaccurate, as well.

Editorial Board

The Piedmont Civic Association


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