Dec 14 2011

Oakland Mulls Legal Action on Blair Park Development

Oakland Agency Criticizes Piedmont’s Environmental Report –

The Oakland City Council has previously considered potential litigation against Piedmont over Blair Park actions, and will do so again on December 20.

The Piedmont City Council received a letter dated December 5, 2011 from Eric Angstadt, Deputy Director of the Oakland Community and Economic Development Agency, stating the environmental documents produced by Piedmont were inadequate to meet the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  Angstadt noted, “Significant changes to the Project include a never before studied traffic circle, bioswales, and alternative spaces for uses that were not contemplated in the EIR. These changes involved significant new impacts and/or substantially more severe significant impacts. As a result, we urge Piedmont to prepare a subsequent or supplemental EIR in accordance with CEQA.”

Oakland Councilmember Libby Schaaf, who represents the area immediately adjacent to Blair Park,  spoke at the December 5 Piedmont Council meeting when the Blair Park  project was approved.  Schaaf urged the Council not to approve the project until Piedmont worked with Oakland to come up with a better plan.

Piedmont City Clerk John Tulloch said the City planned to file the final environmental documents with the County of Alameda on Friday, Dec. 9. Opponents to the project have 30 days from that date to challenge the adequacy of the EIR in the courts. 

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