Dec 22 2011

Protest at Home of Piedmont resident

Demonstrators Oppose Development on Land in Clear Lake –

On Saturday, December 17, a peaceful protest was directed against a Piedmont resident. Approximately 35-45 supporters of the Elem tribe walked from Lakeview Branch Library to Piedmont Park and then up to the home of the Piedmont resident.   According to another local resident, the protest, which included supporters from Occupy Oakland, was an attempt to stop the approved development of a home on Rattlesnake Island in Clear Lake on land owned by the Indians approximately 140 years ago.  

The tribe was supported by Oakland Occupy, which announced the protest on its website as follows:  “Saturday 12 noon:  Demonstration – meet at the Grand Lake Theater and march to Piedmont to (resident’s)  home to protest vacation homes being built on sacred land at Rattlesnake Island.”   Although Occupy Oakland describes the land as “sacred” in its announcement, archeological studies determined there were no historical items on the site and it was not a burial site.

In forum discussion on the Occupy Oakland website, some individuals have urged more generalized marches on Piedmont.  See here. Protests at homes in Piedmont have occurred occasionally in the past.  The narrow streets and residential nature of most areas in Piedmont have once more raised the potential for an ordinance limiting protests to the commercial center of town.

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