Jan 21 2012

Still Confused About Measure A, the Sewer Surcharge?

Voters who are puzzled by Measure A, the Sewer Surcharge on their February 7 ballot to approve a 10 year surtax,  can read  on the Piedmont Patch the pros and cons presented at the Piedmont League of Women Voters Forum on January 12. The statements by Michael Rancer, pro, and Rick Schiller, con, describe issues related to the 50%  tax increase.

The measure covers more than sewers, as it is designed to pay for City maintenance items,  such as street sweeping and gutters, taking the burden off of the General Fund.

For further information on Measure A:

Why did a Municipal Tax Review Committee Member Switch to “No” Vote?  See article

Will the sewer surcharge be tax deductible?  See article.

Have future EPA costs been overstated? See article.

Why wasn’t doubling the sewer tax in 2000 enough?  See article.

What is the EPA’s ordering Piedmont to do?  See EPA’s explanation.

Voter Pamphlet Information. 


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