Jan 23 2012

Resident Objects to Inaccurate Article on Sewer Surcharge

Did the Piedmont Post Get it Wrong? –

PCA received a copy of a letter to the Piedmont Post from Tom Clark, criticizing both the characterization and facts contained in a Piedmont Post article about him, published on January 18, 2012 .  Clark provides the following corrections:

  • The Post incorrectly stated that Mr. Clark sent a letter to the City Council.  He sent a January 5 letter to the editor of the Piedmont Post.
  • The Post incorrectly stated that Clark had been asked by a City Council member to write the letter to the City, but that he refused to identify the Council member.  Clark states that he was not asked by any Council member to write the letter and that he did not refuse to identify this non-existent participant in the non-existent arrangement.
  • Clark’s letter was not printed by the Post.  Nevertheless, the article states that “Public Works Director Nakahara wrote an extensive response to Clark’s letter at the request of the City Council, a report available at City Hall.” Clark states that there was no publicly reported action taken by the City Council on the request, as required by the Brown Act.

Mr. Clark concludes that further examination of City needs is required before increasing the sewer tax due to the following:

  • the City response fails to cite any EPA mandate.
  • the City response estimates EPA compliance costs at $5 million, while the surcharge will equal $11 million.
  • revenues from the surcharge may be diverted away from sewers to storm drains.

Editor’s Note: The opinions quoted are those of the Mr Clark and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Piedmont Civic Association.



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