Jan 29 2012

Opinion: Less Vitriol and More Support Needed in Council Race

Planning Commissioner Addresses Negativity in Post Letter –

One aspect of Piedmont that I’ve always felt made it a special place is that even if we disagree with one another, most of us try to do so respectfully.  We’re a small community and see one another all the time.  But that seems to have changed with the current city council race.  Many letters and opinion pieces have been written in support of each of the candidates, but the letter written by Mary Lee in this week’s Post was disappointing in its tenor and negativity.  She deliberately misstates and dismisses Tim Rood’s many years of relevant professional experience as a city planner and architect, demonstrating she lacks an understanding of the complex challenges regularly facing the council.  Yet she offers no insight as to why she supports the other two candidates or why she believes they are more qualified.

Being a member of the city council is a demanding, unpaid, volunteer position, requiring a breadth of professional experience in addition to many hours of hard work and dedication every week.  I sincerely thank all three of the candidates for their willingness to make such a commitment for the betterment of our community.  Let’s not let Washington-style vitriol seep into our local campaigns and degrade Piedmont.

Melanie Robertson, Piedmont Planning Commissioner

Editor’s Note:  The opinions expressed by the author do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Piedmont Civic Association.


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  1. I heartily agree with Melanie Robertson. That letter in the Post was truly disappointing, like some of the Mitt-Newt-Rick-Ron mudslinging we see in the Republican primary. I would hope that all future letters be limited to extolling the virtues of our favorite, not insulting the opponents.
    Thank you,
    Michael Henn

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