Jan 31 2012

February 7 Election Deadlines

Alameda County encourages voting by mail because it reduces expenses at the polling places, with fewer staff and less equipment required.  Tuesday, January 31, at 5 pm is the last day to request a vote by mail ballot for Piedmont’s February 7, 2012 municipal election.  Applications for vote by mail must reach the Registrar of Voters by the deadline of January 31.  The application can be downloaded and faxed to 510-272-6982.  It can also be obtained in person at:       

Registrar of Voters Office
1225 Fallon Street
Room G-1
Oakland, CA 94623

All absentee/vote by mail  ballots must be returned to the Registrar of Voters before 8 pm on Election Day.  If you already mailed your completed ballot, you can check that it  has been received by the Registrar at My Voter Profile.

For those voting in person on Tuesday, February 7, Piedmont’s polls will open at 7 am and close at 8 pm.  Your polling place and voter registration information is also at My Voter Profile.  For those without computer access, information about voting by mail, registration and polling place look-up is available by calling 510-267-8683.

In an effort to make certain all votes from the February 7 election are properly counted, on Thursday, February 9, a random 1% of the Piedmont vote will be selected for manual tabulation.  This is a requirement under section 15360 of the California Elections Code.  The result of that count will be available sometime on February 10.

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