Jan 31 2012

Know Your Candidates Before February 7 Election

    Piedmont City Council Candidate Announcements/Supporter Comments:

Margaret Fujioka

Bob McBain

Tim Rood

City Council Candidates discuss Spending Priorities, Managing Risk, Fiscal/Budget, Undergrounding,

Public Forums on City Plans, Multi-year Budgets, Park Bond Funds, Fire Department

Piedmont School Board Candidates Announcements/Supporter Comments:

Sunny Bostrom

Jon Elliott

Sarah Pearson

Rick Raushenbush

Andrea Swenson


School Board candidates discuss:  School Parcel Tax, Fiscal/Budget, Working with the City, Open Enrollment, Employee Children, Future Issues .

There is additional information on seven of the candidates at the candidate created webpages at smart voter .  Read  Quotes from Candidates on Issues.

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