Jan 31 2012

Planning Commission Hearing on Blair Park Postponed

New Story Poles Required for Project Design Review-

The Planning Commission hearing on design review of the Blair Park sports field project, scheduled for February 13, 2012, has been postponed and is tentatively rescheduled for the Commission’s March meeting.

According to City Planning Director Kate Black, the Piedmont Recreation Facilities Organization (PRFO), the project developer, could not install the required new story poles in time for the February meeting.

Black has instructed PRFO to make modifications to the story poles to convey changes proposed by the current plans, including all phases. She agreed to having the original story poles left in place as a means of illustrating changes to the plans, but stipulated that the old poles must be clearly identified as no longer relevant.

She also required that the new poles be clearly marked in highly visible paint colors, and that the poles along  Moraga be painted to distinguish between the proposed grade and proposed fencing.  She noted that,”The colors used on the prior poles were difficult to read from a distance.”  Additionally, she requested that PRFO use brightly colored tape to show fencing heights.



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  1. I hope the next set of story poles will not be painted forest green for the landfill portion (which disappeared into the trees), and white for the fence part (which blended into the sky when you looked up). Also, wire between poles representing the massive bulk of the project was invisible.

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