Feb 6 2012

2100 Piedmont Residents Have Voted. Have You?

   City voters take to voting by mail –

As of Friday, February 3, 2012, approximately 2,100 Vote By Mail Ballots (VBMB) had been received from Piedmont voters by the Alameda County Registrar of Voters.

This represents a continuation of the trend since November, 2004, when 3,120 VBMB accounted for 45.45% of the vote, through February 2010 when 2,401 VBMB accounted for 73.90% of the votes cast.


The increase of voting by mail in recent years is a reversal of the earlier trend toward in-person voting at City polls.  From February 1998, when absentee ballots numbered only 497 or 30.42% of the vote, through March 2002, when 740 absentee ballots accounted for only 19.69%, the percentage decreased.





Now, with the encouragement of the Registrar as a cost-saving device and the change of name from “absentee ballots,”  voting by mail seems to be a popular trend.

All ballots must be cast by 8 pm February 7.

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