Feb 7 2012

Analysis: Unofficial Election Results Are In!

UPDATED 2/10/12 as of 9 a.m. – final results not yet available  Piedmont’s precinct 281300 was randomly selected as the precinct to be manually counted by the Alameda County Registrar of Voters for comparison with the unofficial computer count.  Results of the recount will be known on Friday, February 10, or Tuesday, February 14.  At that time the election results will become final, assuming there is no challenge.  State law requires the random precinct manual recount and official certification by the County.  Once certified the City Council will vote to accept the election results.

Of the 8,175 registered voters in Piedmont, 4,172 cast a ballot presenting a 51.01% voter turn out by mail or at the polls.  All numbers have been updated as of February 8 at 3:54 p.m.

Unofficial results on the Alameda County website election page show:

Measure A Sewer Surcharge Tax

(did not pass – needed 2/3’s vote )   51% Yes  2,000  –  49% No  1,949

City Council Vote

The two candidates with highest number of votes are elected to the Council.

Fujioka 39% 2,709   –   McBain 30% 2,089

  Rood 30% 2,063

School Board Vote

The three candidates with highest number of votes are elected to the School Board.

Pearson  32%  3,099 –   Swenson 29% 2,794 –  Raushenbush 24% 2,327 

   Elliott 13% 1,247  –   Bostrum 1%  135

In the City Council race,  the incumbent Margaret Fujioka made a strong showing of 39.48%.  This compared to 30.45% and 30.07% for Bob McBain and Tim Rood, respectively.

In the tight race for second place, the City of Piedmont election page shows that half of Piedmont’s precincts were won by Rood and half won by McBain.  McBain received 26 more votes overall than Rood, securing the second council seat if unofficial results hold through the final election results.  Rood was strong in the northern and western portions of town (precincts 280700, 280100, and 281600) while McBain came to the fore in the eastern and southern areas (precincts 280500, 281300, 28100).

In the School Board race, Pearson led with 32.27% of the vote overall, followed closely by Andrea Swenson with 29.10% and Rick Raushenbush with 24.23%.  Jon Elliott received 12.99% of the vote and Nancy “Sunny” Bostrum 1.41%.  Results were consistent throughout all precincts.  Pearson,  Swenson and Raushenbush won the 3 available seats, if unofficial results hold through the final election results.

The Measure A vote on the Sewer Surcharge Tax was split evenly – no = 49.35% and yes = 50.65%, and therefore failed, as any parcel tax requires 66 & 2/3’s% voter approval for passage.

Unofficial results, which include “Vote-By-Mail Ballots” handed in on election day, are presented in these February 8 updated numbers.  The City of  Piedmont has posted the updated results on their website.

The Piedmont Civic Association commends all of the candidates, campaign workers, and voters who participated in the February 7 election.  The wealth of sincere, decent candidates resulted in a vibrant, productive and issue-oriented discussion.


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  1. I am grateful for the Piedmonters who have showed their support in the unofficial results posted to date, as well as the hundreds of donors, endorsers and volunteers who gave so generously to support the campaign.
    Updated results will be posted at http://www.acgov.org/rov/current.htm when available.

    Thank you!
    Tim Rood

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