Feb 17 2012

Piedmont and Oakland Agree to Extend Deadline For Lawsuit on Blair Park

Piedmont, Oakland and PRFO Agree to Continue to Negotiate –

A consent item on  the agenda of the February 21st Piedmont City Council meeting authorizes the City Attorney to extend the “tolling agreement” with the City of Oakland regarding the Moraga Canyon Sports Fields Project until March 26, 2012.   Oakland has unresolved concerns about the “final” plans proposed by Piedmont Recreation Facilities Organization (PRFO.)  The purpose of the extension is to allow more time for PRFO, Piedmont, and Oakland to meet and discuss issues.

The Cities of Piedmont and Oakland and the P.R.F.O. have entered into a Tolling Agreement which allows the parties to negotiate issues in connection with the Moraga Canyon Sport Field Project without the necessity of the City of Oakland filing a lawsuit. The current Tolling Agreement expires on February 24, 2012. Given scheduling complications, the parties need additional time to conduct discussion. The extension of the Tolling Agreement would be for one (1) month. Both Oakland and P.R.F.O. are in agreement.

Tom Curry, Piedmont City Attorney

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